iPods Not Always Being Scrobbled.

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    • 27 mar 2012, 14:16

    iPods Not Always Being Scrobbled.

    Hi all,

    This is an issue I've had with both the original Audioscrobbler and it happens just the same with the new beta.

    About a third of the time, when I attach my iPod, the Audioscrobbler sees it, the iPod syncs with iTunes, but then the Audioscrobbler says there are no scrobbles. Even though there should be. The songs are updated in the "Recently Played" playlist, so I know that the sync has worked. It happens regardless of whether or not songs have been played on iTunes since the previous sync. In fact there seems to be no common factor between the times when it scrobbles fine and when it doesn't.

    It would be really nice if there was some way for the Audioscrobbler to verify the information it has against, say, the "Recently Played" playlist, or perhaps someway to manually verify the information it thinks it has.

    Of course, it would be even nicer if it just worked every time. But if it doesn't, what I suppose I'd really like is a button that I can press labelled, "Are You Sure?"

    For the record, I'm running:
    Mac OS X 10.6.8
    iTunes 10.6 (40)
    iPod Classic 160GB (1st Gen).
    Audioscrobbler 2.1.16 (built on Qt 4.8.0)

  • I have the same problem too.

    Since last iTunes update (currently it's not possible to me scrobbling from my iPod shuffle (4° generation).

    Last Beta version
    Windows XP professional service pack 2

    It's weird, cause in iTunes the playing counting appears, but it isn't scrobbled by last.
    Help, plz!

  • Mine hasn't scrobbled the last two times and I don't know why. There was an iTunes update but it failed halfway through so it can't be that can it?

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