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    • DanysNet sa...
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    • 6 maj 2012, 12:55

    Re: Re: Re: Cosmetic issue - Play counts do not say the same

    gworley said:
    DanysNet said:
    gworley said:
    In this screen capture there are different play counts -- they are marked in red:

    Notice that they are different -- some artist are the same in both areas. They both should be the same.


    That's not a bug, that's a feature! Honestly:
    The lower count shows updates as the current song is scrobbled. The upper doesn't. If You reach the scrobble mark, the window refreshes and the count in the artist area jumps up, the counter beneath the track not. I watched this a few times recently.


    Personally I don't think of it is a feature and it happens so randomly and is upon the start of playing a song so the song playing doesn't have a chance to be scobbled. IMHO the play count should be the same in both frames.

    I don't have an iPhone so I cannot comment on that... do have an iPod and most of the time it scobbles sometimes there are duplicates

    I also have my computer running 24/7 and have seen stability issues with the client for me it starts swapping and becomes a CPU hog.

    What I wish is a for is a tool that would make the play counts for tracks match in iTunes and


    Of course the rest beside the playcount thingy wasn't mainly addressed to you but the developers ;)

    I really watched my client permanently these days and it works fine in my case. The counts are always the same, when the scrobble mark gets passed, the lower part refreshes and adds one.

    vgnomad said:

    Always show 0 playing of "this track" (i mean on each song)

    THIS I can confirm since the last update! Before that already scrobbled songs were shown with their count, now every song is ZERO.

  • Radios don't start

    When I select a Radio to be played, the radio doesn't start.

    Then I've to press Pause and Play to force it play. And I have to do this after each track.

    EDIT: I am using OS X 10.7.3.

    • DoctorT sa...
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    • 6 maj 2012, 15:23
    I just noticed, I am not seeing the icon in the try either right now, although I have in the past.

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  • How can I stop a radio? I can see no STOP button. About reproduction controls, I see just PLAY, SKIP and PAUSE buttons.

    • Netweb sa...
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    • 8 maj 2012, 04:48

    Client GDI Object Creep

    The client is not recycling GDI Objects, this screenshot is after ~24 hours running with snaps of the GDI Objects every 4-6 hours.

    Previously it crashed my PC with ~6,800 GDI Objects. Windows has a limit of 10,000 GDI Objects for the entire operating system and once that limit is hit your graphics in all applications will not render.


  • The app is only playing one song for me now. It was working just fine a few days ago. Also a Mac user (10.6.8), if that helps any.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 9 maj 2012, 02:20
    Whenever I plug my iPod in or iPhone in it says the system has crashed.

    It's annoying because I listen to 10-20 songs on my iPod a day and they aren't being scrobbled.

    Other than that the program is great!

  • Where do I turn on the MSN Messenger plugin? The previous version was in the Tools Menu but now I can't find where I turn this on.

  • The new app should be able to run in the background without a dock item or a menu bar item (or showing up in the command+tab application switcher UI).

    It should be able to launch silently on login and never bother the user unless they want it to.

    Right now, I have to see the logo in the application switcher and in my dock, even though I prefer to use your website for checking my profile. This is driving me towards using a third party app.

    It is possible to edit the Info.plist file to achieve this with the current shipping version of the app ( ), but I think it should be an option for everyone.

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  • Some bugs and features

    I am using the Mac version 2.1.18 and I am scrobbling from iTunes. An annoying problem with the scrobbler is that it resets the song every time I rate it in iTunes. If I rate a song after it's 25% done, the scrobbler thinks I am playing the song again and starts at the beginning.

    Another thing is that I don't want a dock icon, just a menubar icon. Is it possible to do yet?

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  • It is possible to remove the dock icon (and the app showing up in the command+tab application switcher).

    Follow the link in my previous post:

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    • DanysNet sa...
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    • 12 maj 2012, 22:50
    On the "Now Playing" Tab, all album covers appear correctly. As well as on my profile, hence they get scrobbled correctly. But WHAT THE HECK is the scrobbler showing?! Can someone explain that? It's been on all that I've listened the last 2-3 days, while playing complete albums, correctly tagged that are in the lfm database with correct covers. (Regular releases, no special editions or things with different covers or tags)

  • Wünsche, Anregungen & Beschwerden

    Hi there,

    first of all, I would like to thank you for making a new player. Just recently I was talking up to a friend, though telling him that the player was pretty outdated and that I was fearing for a new ad-infested version. But hey, that's not the Audioscrobbler I once got to know - and there it is... totally free of ads, lots of features; a new player. All hail!

    The new look and feel feels good. A little unusual at first, but very comfortable once you know it. I especially like the stats of how often I've listened to a particular artist and song and the average listening habits.
    Yet all praisings aside, I've got something else to report too:

    - The tray icon sometimes disappears in Windows 7. The space is reserved however. It's just blank. Clicking the empty space behaves just like if the icon was there.
    - I very much liked the total-time-listened indicator of the old player. I could always see for how long I've been listening to a certain station.
    - I'm not an English native speaker, but isn't it supposed to say "This is the first time you're listening to XYZ" instead of "you've listened to"?
    - The Volume slider sometimes seems to have no function. Well, you can slide it, but the volume wouldn't change. Then it sometimes gets stuck. Windows 7 again.
    - When I pause a song for a very long time (can't give an estimate about "long", more than 1 hour in any case) and reumse, the streaming terminates with an Error.

    I've experienced all those issues with a client version < 2.1.18.

    Some ideas I got:

    - Whenever a new song starts, the tray icon pops up a small bubble with the song artist and title. The duration of how long this bubble is visible should be configurable. Maybe you can make even the displayed text customizable.
    - What happened to the long awaited tag-combinations? I remember years ago there has been a feature to put together different tags and then listen to the songs that matched all the tags. The community was told that this may be implemented in a future player.
    - It'd be nice to have a kind of minimal player that just displays the main controls, Artist + Title and the scrobble-bar. A small windows with an always-on-top-feature would make a nice widget.
    - Higher streaming quality! (I know that doesn't concern the player but I think this can't be requested often enough ;) )
    - For me as a technician, I was very delighted with the extensive Diagnostics-tool the old scrobbler had. Buffer Status and all that. And if it was just to comfortably watch the computer do its thing :)

    Greetings from Austria

  • Noticed this minor bug for a while now.

    The beta-scrobbler has clickable links in the wiki now, but when i'm in another program (like say Winamp or Firefox) and my cursor is roughly were a link is in the scrobbler, my cursor will show the alt text for that link.

    • Sekhmet9 sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 maj 2012, 20:18
    So far I'm really liking the updated version that was released not to long ago, but I just noticed that when I play, let's say Fear Factory radio station for example, my audio decoder (ffdshow) has to be open in order to listen, if I close it, the sound goes off along with it and that has never happened when I've used to radio in the program itself before (that is to say before I decided to try out this Beta). And that isn't a complaint really, just something I noticed while listening to the radio now (first time since the most recent Beta update), I don't know if other Windoze users are noticing that as well or whatnot. Other than that, no complaints (so far!).

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  • OSX 10.7.4 and the increasing CPU usage is still occurring on 2.1.18 requiring a quit and relaunch of the app daily.

  • arcania said:
    palmin said:
    Naijca said:
    Naijca said:
    After installing and trying to connect my account, I'm getting the following error:

    "There was a problem communicating with the services. Please try again later."

    Note: All proxy/abnormal internet connection has been temporarily disabled here.
    In case anyone is or will have the same issue, re-installing the beta client worked for me.

    Not here, tried to reinstall twice, still no connection.

    Did anyone solved this problem yet? I'm also experiencing it.
    i'm on Windows 7 x64

    I solved it marking system internet options to automatically detect proxy configuration, even though it was already properly set manually.

    • gworley sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 03:15


    Use a real rating system... currently we have Loved and Not-loved status-- to me that isn't a true rating system. should consider this move to an iTunes or Winamp format for ratings. Thanks.

    • renne_t sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 06:37

    Re:Unable to listen to music

    sreejith_p said:
    when i play a radio i get "Interface not registered:101" error. i'm using windows 7 x64 machine.Any idea to resolve this issue?

    Having the same on an old faithful XP. This beta has been consistently useless for me, as it hasn't been able to play any radio yet. "Interface not registered. (0x80040155): 101". I've removed and relinked my account to the app, in vain.

    • gworley sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 07:49

    Yet Another Suggestion...

    When playing with a player like WinAmp, WMP, or iTunes (henceforth known as the player in this post) , the ability to make sure the play counts are the same -- i.e. if the player has said a tack has played 4 times yet on the track says it has played 3 times... automatically make the tracks the same count on and if the reverse is the different -- i.e. says a track has played 5 times but the player says that the track has played 4 times auto update the player's play count for the track.. In other words make the play counts match.

    Also if the player has an rating of 4 or 5 stars -- set the track to loved on If has the track as loved but the player has no rating auto update the player to 4 or 5 stars depending the settings of the user in the client. I hate have the enter it twice -- once on and once in the player.

    • gworley sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 07:58

    If I love a track while the track is playing...

    If I love a track while it playing, I usually get two tracks -- one saying I am listening to it and the saying that I have played track. This only happens if the track has already scrobbled ... If I change the rating or any other thing like make a correction because of an auto-correction within iTunes so that my tags are right scobbling time starts all over -- this was in the last release. I know some of you might think of this is a feature but I don't.

    • gworley sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 08:14

    Something miss from the release client

    The release client kept track of all scrobles played during current session not a limited amount so one could go back in love tracks without going to the web.

    • gworley sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 maj 2012, 08:21

    50 percent of the track should be 50 percent of the track.

    I haven't figured out the method yet but I notice with the release client and with the beta that 50 percent of the track doesn't always mean 50 percent of the track. I have several tracks that are over 3 hours long but it takes less time for them to scrobble then a track that is 25 mins long it seems like... to me it doesn't matter it the track is 3 minutes or 3 hours it should be half of the track played before it scrobbles.

    • bald_gye sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 09:36

    guess I'm not the only one who gets these crashes of crashes constantally without the app actually crashing?

    • Bloopy sa...
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    • 21 maj 2012, 11:33

    Re: 50 percent of the track should be 50 percent of the track.

    gworley said:
    I haven't figured out the method yet but I notice with the release client and with the beta that 50 percent of the track doesn't always mean 50 percent of the track. I have several tracks that are over 3 hours long but it takes less time for them to scrobble then a track that is 25 mins long it seems like... to me it doesn't matter it the track is 3 minutes or 3 hours it should be half of the track played before it scrobbles.
    Last I checked, it scrobbles after either 4 mins or the percentage you set, whichever comes first (limit was 6 mins in the old client). Songs longer than 8:00 will always scrobble at 4 mins, though I did notice with some settings it seemed to scrobble a few seconds earlier than 4:00.

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