Suggestion on where to buy J-Music CDs

  • Suggestion on where to buy J-Music CDs

    I'm an e-bay-addicted person because of how cheap they can be compared to some sites. But I'm also afraid that one day I'll get just a plain copied CD instead of an original. I was hoping somebody could suggest a good site to order Japanese CDs for a relatively cheap price ($20 or below). On most sites I see, they want $30 or $40 for Japanese CDs. I know of Tofu Records, but there aren't many artists on it I like. Thank you!!!

  • Well, the normal price for Japanese cds are, unfortunately, can be $20 and above, though it depends. Singles, are, around $10 or so. I prefer brand new ones, so I just try to ignore the price. xD;; Ebay could be cheap because they could be secondhand or something...just my opinion. :3

    Just some recommendations:
    Third Stage:


  • Usually, I use amazon, but I agree with wyndslash - - CDJapan is really great. There was a site dedicated to Visual/Angura kei CDs but I lose the url..

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    • 12 sep 2006, 13:12 has good prices. And actually, I just bought Miyavi's new album, Miyavi POPS for $15. I got it so cheap because I bought the Korean release. The same exact CD, the japanese release, would've been $30+ dollars. So check, you might be able to buy a Korean release of the CD, and it's half the price. My miyavipops cd looks really nice, had a booklet with lots of pictures and second little booklet with translations in korean. But everything esle on the cd was identical to the japanese one.

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    • 21 nov 2006, 00:42
    I hate buying from yesasia. Every time I order from them, they're unreliable, and they do stock a lot of bootlegs. I usually go for, since CDJapan upped their shipping costs a few years back. Plus they usually get some nice exclusive freebies with first presses.

  • thats where you get CD's from...thanks...I'll try and find some places...

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