23 aug 2011, 02:49 av pantseeker

    WHAT IS IT - for real, what is it? I don't know...:

    I want to know - so comment me if you know..
  • Don't steal yo shit like Crystal Castles....

    30 maj 2010, 12:39 av pantseeker

    Don't steal your shit. That's whack.

    (some links to chiptheft wiki & a couple of databases)
  • Upcoming CHIPTUNE COMP Looking for 20 Artists!!! Aug 31 Deadline!! ;D read!

    20 maj 2010, 03:03 av pantseeker


    We're looking for artists! We plan to release a 20 track / compilation and the submission deadline is August 31, 2010! We will choose from submissions what will be included on the compilation, so good luck and get to work on a killer for us!

    Please email us your song! NEW tracks ONLY please!

    Also, be sure to download our "Growing Compilation" ! We have new contributions from pottsq, Tidy kid, Bagpipe Whiskey & Marc Blanchard!
  • I am worried about the recent increase seen in hacked accounts here & elsewhere.

    15 nov 2009, 01:29 av ydebru

    Recently at, someone seems to have been able to get into user accounts, and make postings completely at odds with what the poster was known to do, when they were active @

    Specifically, I noticed the account of the user 'obbrio' which has been in disuse for about 7 months, and now suddenly is posting shouts about about some promotion that sony is doing. Otherwise, there's no activity on that account, in other words, no scrobbling, et cetera.

    Earlier this week, someone hacked into my facebook account, and although facebook locked my account until I changed my password, I find it worrying since I have used strong passwords on all accounts for the last 15 years online, and there have been no successful intrusions or hacks into my accounts, ever.
    I am compelled to conclude that someone on the facebook side of things, ie, on their administrative side, accessed, permitted someone to access, or perhaps they were hacked into on the server and administrative side.

    If I see more of this activity, I will be compelled to close my social networking accounts, since having that type of uncertainty with my online presence is intolerable.

    What have you noticed?

    What have you done about it?

    I regret to feel this way, since I can say many good things about and facebook. But, perhaps it is a time for a positive change.
  • John Cleese: "To Norway, Home Of Giants"

    23 aug 2009, 00:50 av ydebru


    Next week features Ecuador.
  • "Fear of Gravity" by The Cherry Bluestorms

    29 maj 2009, 19:10 av ydebru

  • Review: Thirst by Park Chan-wook

    29 maj 2009, 08:35 av Alphabet_City

    Review of the last Park Chan-wook movie. I've seen it in Cannes. The review is in italian, but I hope to translate it. If anybody wants to help me, I'll really appreciate.

    Thirst by Park Chan-wook - Review
  • Biography of Arthur Cravan

    17 mar 2009, 18:21 av onthesnapsis

    He was born and educated in Lausanne, Switzerland, then at an English military academy from which he was expelled after spanking a teacher. After this he travelled widely throughout Europe and America during World War I using a variety of passports and documents, some of them forged. He declared no single nationality and claimed instead to be "a citizen of 20 countries".

    Settling in Paris, Cravan became France's heavyweight boxing champion without having to fight a single match. His reputation as a professional boxer in itself provided a sort of street-credibility to his Dadaist reputation, but his rough vibrant poetry, and provocative, anarchistic lectures and public appearances (which often degenerated into drunken brawls) also earned him the admiration of Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, André Breton, and other artists and intellectuals.

    His personal style involved a continual re-invention of his public persona and various outrageous statements and boasts. His pride to be the nephew of Oscar Wilde even produced hoaxes - documents and poems - Cravan wrote and then signed "Oscar Wilde". In 1913 he published an article in his self-edited paper Maintenant, claiming that his uncle was still alive and had visited him in Paris. This rumour was taken up even by the New York Times. In fact, the two of them never met.

    In 1914 he fled to New York to avoid fighting in the war, and then to South America three years later for the same reason. In Mexico City he met his future wife Mina Loy. After their marriage in 1918 they planned a trip from Mexico to Argentina.[citation needed] Without enough money for both of them to book passage on a ship, Loy took the trip on a ship and Cravan set out alone on a sailboat to Argentina.[citation needed] Cravan never arrived.[citation needed]

    Intermittent and unconfirmed reports of his sighting continued for many years.[citation needed]

    One report has it he changed his name to B. Traven and assumed the identity of a reclusive author of German-American nationality who wrote The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.[citation needed]

    Another has it that he returned to New York and then Paris, took the name Dorian Hope, a vagrant poet who sold forged Oscar Wilde manuscripts in the early 1920s.[citation needed]

    His only daughter, Fabienne Lloyd, was born in England on April 5, 1919 and later went to the United States together with her mother. Her descendants live in Aspen, Colorado.[citation needed]

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Arthur Cravan? Who is He?

    17 mar 2009, 18:18 av onthesnapsis

    Arthur Cravan (born May 22, 1887, Lausanne, Switzerland) was known as a pugilist, a poet, a larger-than-life character, and an idol of the Dada and Surrealism movements. His real name was Fabian Avenarius Lloyd, the second son of Otho Holland Lloyd and Hélène Clara St. Clair. He had a brother, Otho, born 1885. His father's sister, Constance Mary Lloyd, was married to the Irish poet Oscar Wilde. He changed his name to Cravan in 1912 in honour of his fiancée Renée Bouchet, who was born in the small village of Cravans in the department of Charente-Maritime in western France. Why he chose the name Arthur remains unclear. He was last seen at Salina Cruz, Mexico in 1918 and most likely drowned in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico in November 1918.

    (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
  • III Salón Manga de Cádiz ~ 3, 4 y 5 de octubre de 2008

    5 sep 2008, 09:56 av eterarnial