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Skapad den: 10 mar 2008
The Artificial Lounge Group creates a relaxing sci-fi soundtrack to todays computer-minded world. A thought that's expressed by members tagging the fitting music with 'artificial lounge' so it can...

The Artificial Lounge Group creates a relaxing sci-fi sound-
track to todays world. A thought that's expressed by members
tagging fitting music with 'artificial lounge' so it can appear in
the 'Artificial Lounge Radio' on

Eventhough the music you can hear in our station often sounds
similar to music marked as 'Inteligent Dance Music'. In most ca-
ses our radio isn't quite dancable, and it's less extreme. It's a sta-
tic mood, of a low paste that's merely enough to be headnodding
to, and the intelligence of it is ofcourse disputable. So 'Intelligent
Dance Music' Is not the right mark for our radio's sound but we
can use the term to describe a fragment of what we're looking for.

The easiest way to get to understand the radio we're creating is to
listen to it. So feel free to take a listen (click on the 'Artificial Loun-
ge' buttonbellow.).

Ofcourse everyone thinks different of what fits in or not. We can
and will not try to make a precise guideline for this vague descrip-
tion of sound. Yet, to retain the mood we've created, we should
try to addept on what's been tagged so far. Think of artists with the
likes of Boards of Canada, Tycho, Vesna, Isan, Bola and Arovane.

Joining in, weither your tagging or not is positively encouraged.
But if you're tagging please do keep the description, as vague as
it is, in mind. For more details check our tag history and the
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