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Skapad den: 7 mar 2012

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  • sanguelotear

    In my opinion, from what I've gleaned, psychiatry could veritably be a gross misdiagnosis, which is insaaaane -- no pun intended. Then again, I'm feeling pretty much miffed and fed up with modern medicine, in general.

    27 feb 13:13 Svara
  • sanguelotear

    If you suffer from a debilitating mental condition, I know this may be difficult (especially if you think your medication suits you) but please --- for your own sake --- strongly consider seeing an endocrine specialist to check your thyroid and address any other hormonal imbalances. Most of the conventional ones can be assholes though, so do your best to find someone who will take you seriously. Especially consider this if chronic pain and fatigue, autoimmune, and thyroid disorders affect other family members. Most of all, try to be as informed as possible about these matters. Knowledge is power! Good luck. Life's too short to waste on psychiatric poison.

    25 feb 22:38 Svara
  • sanguelotear

    Pharmaceutical companies are quite cunning about drug promotion, often recruiting prominent psychiatrists as 'Dr. Drug Reps' for endorsing their drugs to other physicians. They are rewarded handsomely in this endeavor, influencing psychiatrists in bottom tiers and general/ family practitioners.

    25 feb 22:24 Svara
  • sanguelotear

    Fuck psychiatry and fuck the DSM! Do you know how arbitrary their whole 'system' really is? They VOTE amongst themselves and wantonly pick the number of minimum criteria for each disorder. There are a lot of issues on how the DSM panel decides things for the next edition. The worst are the unscrupulous academics in prestigious departments who pocket boatloads of money from pharmaceutical companies to promote their fresh poisons on the one hand, and on the other simultaneously accept thousands of tax dollars from inept regulatory bodies to impartially/objectively investigate the safety or efficacy of the same drug. If that's not a conflict of interest, I don't know what is!

    25 feb 22:14 Svara
  • sanguelotear

    Nicely put, B1smarck! Calm down, Khal! No one's denying the existence of psychiatric abnormalities but simply questioning the efficacy or dubious benefit --- more like intractable damage --- of today's money-making psychiatric bullshit! The research literature overwhelmingly suggests a link between autoimmune disease and endocrine origins for psychological disturbances --- not the 'neurochemical imbalance' drivel they've been feeding us for so many years! That's all a giant sham! IT'S AAAALLLL ABOUT THE $$$$$$!

    25 feb 21:58 Svara
  • B1smarck

    Risperidone will turn your brain into porridge

    22 sep 2013 Svara
  • khal_naqis

    Psychological disorders exist, anyone who says otherwise is in denial. You don't have to deny this reality in order to argue against involuntary treatment, but unfortunately people have been convinced it's a package deal when they are separate issues. Though of course denying psychological disorders exist makes it easier for people to say we should just let schizophrenics kill themselves even though they don't have full free will when they're not getting treatment and think they're the Easter Bunny.

    22 mar 2013 Svara
  • EternalAlien

    No, I mean an attitude and doctors' general behaviour, plus hundreds other reasons, which is just never ending list.

    15 apr 2012 Svara
  • EternalAlien

    A psychiatric institution (and psychiatry itself) is a cemetery for "living dead". Psychiatrists are just ghosts walking through a ward, unseen, unheard. And nurses do show up only when it's meds time. Drugs are only substitutes for missing doctors, it's all their work. You can shout, but nobody listens. That's why I am against psychiatry.

    15 apr 2012 Svara
  • bunny_man

    about your friend. i'm sorry to hear that. maby that psycologist fucked him up. maybe he hasn't. maybe your friend would develop catatonic schizophrenia regardless to the drugs he took. unfortunaltey, maybe he wouldn't. all medical drugs have sideeffects. look at chemotheraphy for instance. etc...

    6 apr 2012 Svara
  • bunny_man

    not all psychologists and psychiatrists are good, and not all of them know really what they are doing. in any job there is a big chance to be wrong, unfortunately in the case of psychiatrists being wrong fucks up peoples lives. i think that psychiatrists have a lack of empathy and feeling for human beings, but sometimes taking drugs is the only way. i've seen and talked to a lof of psychiatric patients, and many of them were really thankful for drugs such as haloperidol. one guy said that taking those drugs enabled him to think without hearing voices. if you have a good doctor, and if you get a good diagnosis, than psychiatry can help you. otherwise it can destroy your life. there's a big discussion on personality disorders right now. the new DSM (V) will have a different approach to personality disorders. i personaly don't agree with some diagnoses that exist. and i don't belive in normal (and so, abnormal). there is just - can you live with yourself or not.

    6 apr 2012 Svara
  • bunny_man

    well you should try conquer catatonic schizophrenia without a help of a psychiatrist and drugs. good luck!

    5 apr 2012 Svara
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