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This is a group for people who take music seriously.
People with childish behaviour when it comes to music who
only concentrate on what's tr00 or kvlt, are not welcome in this group.
The same rule applies to fakescrobblers as well.
Or, put even easier - If you don't take music very seriously, you
will not fit in in this group.

Said for short - This group is for the REAL metalheads, or music lovers, or whatever who
really are listening to the music, and don't give a fuck about
what's tr00 or kvlt.
If you want to stay, be active.

Even though this group mainly is about fakescrobbling
and the tr00 and kvlt BM-teens, you may discuss
everything that pops up in your mind.
If it is something you find annoying, if you need band recommendations,
or if it's just something
you want to discuss with other people,
well, then this is the group that suits you.

Some of the topics you may discuss in this group includes:
- Fakescrobblling.
- Different genres of Black Metal from different countries.
- Sub-genres/different kinds of music.
- Underrated Black Metal bands that are worth a listening.
- Buying music, and recommended record stores.
- The "phenomenon" kvlt and tr00, and how stupid this is.
- Females in black metal bands.
- Other music genres besides black metal that we like.
- News.
- Upcoming albums and already released albums.
- Different types of black metal.
- Topics and views about black metal and music in general.
- Games.
- Random talk.
- Not only black metal (due to that we actually have members
that are listening to other music as well)

More to come...

***As everybody knows, the kvlt and tr00 hysteria has destroyed
many people's opinion about black metal, and the members
of this group thinks this is horrible and absolutely pathetic.
If you think this is a topic worth discussing, well, this might be the group that suits you. (And if you have some sort of intelligence
and likes to discuss different topics with other people
you might also fit in very well *smileyface*)

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