Anthony's tattoo

  • Anthony's tattoo

    so i remember seeing some discussion on the Circa boards a while back about the tattoos on Anthony's back (on his shoulder blades he has the swirls that are on string instuments). i've always thought they were cool, but i never really knew the significance. then in my art history class we saw this photo by Man Ray from the 1930's and i now i know where he got the idea:

    i don't know if that's common knowledge or not, so sorry if i'm stating the obvious.

  • I wanna see... HIS.

  • agreed. i do too.

    he has a tattoo on his right tricep that i want.

    i've always wanted this tattoo and when i found this picture the other day, it made me very happy. green is god

  • GOD HE IS!
    ...And the tats are tasty.
    I'd rather have him, in my pants.. than his tattoo on my body.
    Is that not the choice anyone would make?

  • oh, it is

  • highanddriving said:
    GOD HE IS!
    ...And the tats are tasty.
    I'd rather have him, in my pants.. than his tattoo on my body.
    Is that not the choice anyone would make?

    SERIOUSLY forreal dkfhdkf

  • From Wiki

    Some turntables included spindle size adapters, but other turntables required snap-in inserts like this one to adapt RCA's larger 45 rpm spindle size to the smaller spindle size available on nearly all turntables.

    Steven of SURS has the same tattoo.

  • he got another one.

  • heh..
    i'd have him in my pants anyday.

    • agentoy sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 feb 2008, 09:34
    lol...i would never tat anything on me that doesnt have any significance to me personally...while hes my second favorite singer (behind davey havok) id never willingly copy his tat just because he has it...i wouldnt even get a nightmare before christmas sleeve like havok and hes closer to being a god in my eyes than anthony...even though anthonys voice is beautiful...

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 mar 2008, 22:34
    Чёйт не по-русски пи%дите?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 jun 2008, 01:41
    I defiantly want him my pants!

  • Not me, no longer...
  • I'm more interested in this one

  • He hast way more tattoos than that
    He has two anchors on both sides of him
    as you can kinda see in this picture.

    As well as an anchor on his chest.

  • i think for the most part everyone can agree they want anthony green in their pants :)

  • anthony green + pants= :D

    his tats are frekin amazing. so hott.

  • yeeah anthony green in my pants would be awesome
    then i could talk to him whenever i want!
    cheifslapahoe I was at that show where he has his shirt off hhahah
    I think i was right next to whoever took that pic cause i have a similar one hahaha

    He also has his wifes name

    His back tattoo if you can see it

    you don't mess with Erak's pedals RIP The Fall Of Troy

  • OMG! AG = SO HAWT.

  • hotpinkandlime said:
    anthony green + pants= :D

    i think you mean anthony green - pants = :D

    • Kaapuetz sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 sep 2009, 19:19
    cyanideElixir said:

    YES this!!!!
    shirtless Nick Beard pleas!

  • Sweet pics!

  • ValenTone_rules said:
    I'm more interested in this one

    I really love that tattoo =)

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