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Skapad den: 23 jan 2009
A group for anarchists and/or anti-fascists who love Black Metal, Pagan Metal, Folk Metal, Viking Metal, Blackened Crust, etc. Down with NSBM shit!

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"The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God.
As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth"

- Mikhail Bakunin

So, if the Communistic Black Metal group exists, why not to create an Anarchist Black Metal group? Welcome anybody who's interested in anti-authoritarian ideas in black metal! The RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal) scene is still very small, it needs our support. - this seems to be the very first mention of a term "RABM" (@ august 2005).

Now we have a blog for various RABM stuff and scene news:
Hope this blog will become the #1 RABM resource on the web ;)

Links to some other groups:

Anarchist Music
(if you're interested in anarchist music in general)

Crust Metal and Punk
(if you're interested in crossover between political crust punk and metal)

(a group dedicated to the "red" side of R&ABM scene)

(the title says it all)

Blackened crust

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See also this RABM-themed video, featuring 11 various RABM & blackened crust bands
*NEW* part II:
- And one more excellent channel.

Other interesting stuff:

- Political statements from Protector (Summoning) on NSBM
- RABM group (requires registration)
- RABM group on Facebook (1)
- RABM public page on Facebook (2)

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