Sleepy drone music?

    • saul sa...
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    • 25 apr 2006, 21:36

    Sleepy drone music?

    Does anyone know any good drone music to sleep to?
    It can have beats, too, as long as it's suitable for sleeping. I like Biosphere a lot, especially the Substrata albums.
    I can sleep easily listening to those.
    Any suggestions? :)

  • Try some tracks of Hyperborea it always works for us ;-)

    Other sugestions: Brian Eno and Harold Budd

    Have a goodnight sleep!

    • Wompo sa...
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    • 26 apr 2006, 22:00
    Pentamerous Metamorphosis

    They have beats, but the melodies themselves are really soothing. I've found them perfect for relaxing.

    Some Pete Namlook's works might also be good, but I'm not that familiar with them myself yet. "Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen - The Fires of Ork" two part collaboration is good, but it goes uptempo and "menacing" at times, so don't know if it's really good for sleeping.

    • tonepoet sa...
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    • 27 apr 2006, 06:20
    Have to agree on the Harold Bud and Brian Eno, especially Eno's 'Music for Airports'. Try also some Steve Roach (he has dark ambient, might give you nightmares), some of Boards of Canada is suitable for sleeping. Look in my played tracks, I constanly stream only sleep music (it drives the wife crazy!). Some more: Vidna Obmana, Stars of the Lid, John Foxx, Liquid Mind, the list goes on.

    turn on, tune in, sleep...
  • I know acouple of good ones for that, too.
    Charm (Over Burundi Cloud)
    Waiting for Cousteau
    To the Threshold of Silence
    and many other.
    But what always knocks me out best is the sound of the B17 bombers in the game B17 The mighty 8th...
    I know, sounds stupid... but its a drone sound in the words very meaning - 3 dozen airplane engines making a deep roar with a slow oscilation in it. I liked to sit in the (glass) nose and watch the landscape move by, but after 10 mins I just couldn´t keep my eyes open anymore. :D

    • DocWho sa...
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    • 27 apr 2006, 18:04
    Robert Rich's Somnium must definitely be mentioned in this context:

    Possibly the longest continuous musical composition ever released on any format, Somnium represents an ambient music landmark. Robert Rich has meticulously crafted a fresh studio interpretation of his notorious all-night Sleep Concerts, incorporating newly recorded electro-acoustic, electronic and environmental textures, with elements created for the original live events. Somnium guides the listener through an ever-changing dreamscape, with levels of subtle detail that reward both active attention and background listening. Deep and sonorous, mysterious and diffuse, liquid and hypnogogic.

    Standard DVD-video format, playable in all DVD players.
    7 hours of nocturnal ambience from the inventor of Sleep Concerts.

    • Wompo sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 apr 2006, 21:10
    Oh, and I sometimes listen to netradios named Sleepbot and SomaFM: Drone Zone while sleeping. Sleepbot is dedicated to "sleeping music" and has more experimental material, while Drone Zone has more of actual drone ambient.

  • Cold Summer.
    it's very dark, but great for sleep. Substrata also, of course. i like polish dark ambient project "EA". there is many more...:)

  • Try Stars of the lid it really good for sleeping . i always use it

    • mitaz sa...
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    • 8 jun 2006, 06:44
    for me that is perfect music to sleep, one from my favourites

    Desimal - ambientdub mix
    1 - 00:00 - global communication - epsilon phase
    2 - 8:13 - shpongle - around the world in a tea daze (ott remix)
    3 - 15:27 - shpongle - once upon the sea of blissful awareness (esion jim remix)
    4 - 22:15 - ott - smoked glass and chrome
    5 - 29:21 - younger brother - crumblenaut
    6 - 32:06 - younger brother - bedtime story
    7 - 34:33 - shpongle - flute flute
    8 - 36:39 - shpongle - around the world in a tea daze (origional)
    9 - 44:20 - shpongle - a new way to say hooray
    10 - 52:06 - global communication - 14-31
    11 - 1:05:19 - ministry of sound - cafe del mar - (michael woods remix)
    12 - 1:08:28 - liquid morphine - confrontatie
    13 - 1:12:35 - liquid morphine - the tone t(h)ree - part 1
    14 - 1:17:28 - autechre - vietrmx21

    link - Polish drumandbass forum members group.

    Nie pytaj mnie jaki jestem naprawdę, Jaki naprawdę jestem, nie wiem nawet sam,
    I tak dzień za dniem, ja zastanawiam się, Dokąd życie jeszcze zaprowadzi mnie.
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 jun 2006, 15:52
    Mortesium - Dream State
    Anything Stars of the Lid

    • fkxik sa...
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    • 25 jun 2006, 01:07
    Sleep Research Facility, Lull, Lustmord, Coph Nia & Mindspawn

    All have served me well in the past.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 27 jun 2006, 00:05

    re: sleepytime

    stars of the lid and loscil are always winners for me!

  • I'll make it 5 votes for Stars of the Lid (especially 'The Tired Sounds Of...' album)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 25 jul 2006, 09:09
    Stars of the Lid

    • Harsh sa...
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    • 25 jul 2006, 10:33
    Global Communication - 76:14
    Beef Terminal - Crosscheck and Departure
    Brian Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks

  • Stars of the Lid - you can't go wrong with much, but their first, "Music for Nitrous Oxide" is great, as is their later, as people have mentioned, "Tired Sounds..."

    The DVD w/soundtrack for Adam's from SotL side project "The Dead Texan" is good.

    Of course, Robert Rich's music DVD (note: no video, just music) is almost 7 hours of great sleeping music.

    Austere (, sold through Hypnos [url=(]( have two releases meant for sleeping and meditation, the first called "Convergence", the second "Eco", and reviews of both almost always call them "Sleep Music" and mention they're good to sleep to. I definitely love the first, and the second is also pretty good for sleeping.

    Cheers, Wink
    • bearica sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 aug 2006, 19:34


    I wrote a journal entry a while back about music to sleep by, and got lots of good suggestions. Hopefully that will help. (Even though I'm replying to this way late)

    Go to the School of Visual Arts? Join SVA!
  • the experimental drone, ambient band from germany : Parachute. their first album: Heaku Bervisz is excellent for sleep..

  • close your mouth
    • Bad_Acid sa...
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    • 4 sep 2006, 00:54
    try coil - time machines

    good night.

    • vitreus sa...
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    • 5 okt 2006, 15:44
    Sigur Ros does nicely, especially the () album.

    Aube HAS to be the most ambient artist ever, and that will put you to sleep...any time any place.

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    • dkazanc sa...
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    • 9 okt 2006, 09:47

    Space&Nature Dark - Drone Ambient

    Try _Algol_, everybody can find ed2k and torrent links in google!

    • vitreus sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 okt 2006, 04:03
    Bad_Acid said:
    try coil - time machines

    good night.

    also, eno's music for airport's is very calming, as well as undiscovered moons of saturn's-lost in cosmos... and philip glass: glass cage (with john cage).

    listen to the noise i make and leave me a comment about it.
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    • marrmarr sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 okt 2006, 18:44
    Wolfganf Voigt's ambient project Gas is sleeping transformed into music. Try the record Pop

    It's a beautiful world we live in / A sweet romantic place
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