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  • mot00rzysta

    foobar beats them all

    september 2014
  • Linkz89

    clementine sucks too

    februari 2013
  • pedrulto

    still loving clementine

    januari 2013
  • vodyanoj

    clementine is excellent, although the new version seems to not be able to preserve layouts between restarts. Just installed guayadeque as well--will report once I try it out. amarok2, even after all this time, is unusable, especially its dynamic playlists and collection tracking. Just the other day, I added several directories to my collection, effectively doubling its size and rescanned the whole thing in amarok--only to have half of the previously present tracks magically disappear...

    april 2012
  • pedrulto

    try clementine

    mars 2012
  • playbackward

    Beware of imitations! [2]

    september 2011
  • Amok0815

    I'am now using exaile ... nice and fast Player and not so blowted.

    augusti 2011
  • Mr_Lister_sir

    I don't mind new features in new versions of applications. As long as the new features work well, that is. I also don't mind new ways of doing things. At least if the new ways are as good or better as the old ways... What I do mind is if they simply scratch a lot of functionality, without providing alternatives. And if they create a new media player and pretend it's a new version of an old media player, while totally disregarding the reasons why people were using the old player. To sum up, I'll keep on using Amarok. The real Amarok that is; the original. Beware of imitations!

    juli 2011
  • metawirt

    try clementine is a copy of amarok 1.4 It feels so good to be back [2]

    april 2011
  • pedrulto

    try clementine is a copy of amarok 1.4 It feels so good to be back

    mars 2011
  • jhonnycash

    No need to hate Amarok (leave them developing its ALL NEW AND FUNCTIONAL(cr) APP), @Covarde_Anonimo point me to PANA which covered all my needs again: "Pana is an audio player for KDE based on Amarok 1.4 . If you are already using Amarok 2.x that is a better player choice. Pana is intended for users stuck on Amarok 1 functionality and layout. Please don't complain to Amarok about Pana! Report bugs or questions through http://pana.bunnies.net/"; Clementine is another fork of 1.x with great and kind support on IRC with a new look, but very functional too, both recommended. THANKS to both teams...

    september 2010
  • jhonnycash

    Damn, I realy tried to use Amarok 2, but it was unsuccessful... - Ipod support SUCKS, there are no way to get the i/o status with the device - Playlist creation SUCKS - Slow - Ugly interface I got everything i need with, Amarok 1.x, but a lot of functionalities are not working (wiki, newer libgpod) :( Anyone has a good replacement? or an active 1.x fork project?

    augusti 2010
  • fuzzyworm

    I'm not particularly enamoured with Amarok 2 myself, but the problem is not that the developers aren't hard-working, rather that they are working on the wrong things. They are not working with what made Amarok a great product. It is still possible to remain with Amarok 1.4, or alternatively, switch, as I have, to Pana, which is a fork of the Amarok project.

    juni 2010
  • antok

    It cant even play audio cds. Only the latest version, I tryed "play media", wtf it shoes my normal file list and not the media? Oh, and then you see they added a Volume to the left side, which shows the "media" as containing folders of mp3 ogg and information, which it in fact does not. Then crash. amarok 2 is the worst shit since ever.

    januari 2010
  • coacharnold

    I'd just like to say ..... it is Jan 2010 ..... and Amarok 2 still SUX... I thought by now they might get close .... any discussion of real usability problems is met with moderators that have their head up their butts .... Amarik 1.4.10 is still the best thig out there hands down .... it blows Songbird, Atunes and Exha, banshee or any other players out there away. I would PAY money for a upgraded maintained commercial linux version of Amrik 1.4.10 ........ - No device support Yet - Collection Management still sux - crashes - no real UI development beyonf eye candy ... DO WE NEED to send these guys a copy of my HCI textbook or give them a link to Jacob Nielson's web site to get them to test the blasted thing and listen to the Stakeholders of AMAROK....???

    januari 2010

    Upgrading from 1.4 to 2.2 (fucking debian maintainer) was a traumatic experience. I'm on meds now because of it. Amarok 2 *still* absolutely sucks for tagging and collection management; people on the channel (not sure if they were developers, but it looked like it) told me to use a tagging application for the former a file manager for the latter. At least they didn't tell me to use a separate music player to actually play music. It's pretty good for looking at Wikipedia and browsing through Last.fm though.

    januari 2010
  • real_archer

    I think we can honestly say that window$ media player is better than Amarok2

    augusti 2009
  • kleinekarel

    I'm back to Amarok 1.4.10! Life is good again!

    juli 2009
  • pedrulto


    juli 2009