Blink 182 Reunion?

  • Blink 182 Reunion?

    So the legendary Pop-Punk trio are appearing on stage together at this Sunday's Grammy Awards. In addition to this there are rumours the band are working on a new album.

    What do you think?

    Should they bother getting back together or would it not just be the same second time around?

    • FIFISAYS sa...
    • Användare
    • 7 feb 2009, 22:30
    I would adore to see blink back together, they were a band that really changed my early teen years. however to hear them create a new album, i don't know . . . i'd love it if i knew for certain they would come out with something astonishingly amazing, but i know they would never be writing anything which was REALLY pop punk again. also with the number of annoying kids into music right now i'd be scared to see them being swallowed into the same pit of superficiality that surrounds modern pop punk bands

    one day we will be the king & queen on all i see
  • I doubt Blink would fall into the group of new pop-punk bands that sound generic and predictable.

    I think most of the time comeback albums turn our to be pretty poor. If they were to tour, of course I'd go but I'm optimistic about a new album.

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