• smileyjo sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 jul 2006, 16:36

    Fave Aa tracks!

    Hey everyone and welcome to the Aa group! There are a few more of us now so I thought I'd do an obligatory 'fave tracks' post so we can introduce ourselves and get this group going!!! So...
    what are your fave Aa songs??

    Here's my current top 5 (not in any order)...though it does change pretty much daily! :p

    1. Stone in my Shoe
    2. Air and Angels
    3. Indestructable
    4. Pretender got my heart
    5. Flaws

    Oh yeah, and I'm Jo, by the way (hehe!!) Hope you're all doing great!!! :-)

    Vive la musique!
  • Hey Jo!!

    Well My faves are probably...

    1. Resistor
    2. Intense
    3. Air We Breathe
    4. Sex is on Everyone's Tongue
    5. If You Want Me Back

    I have never heard of 'Flaws'? Is it a B-side?

    Danny :D

    • smileyjo sa...
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    • 14 aug 2006, 16:08
    oooh good choices...I wanna change mine now lol! Air we breathe is fabulous - always makes me feel good. In fact I don't think there's one Aa song I don't like! :p

    Flaws is on an album of unreleased material called 'The Attic Vaults I' that was made available to fans. You can still find it on ebay (seller Sodhall aka Shelly and Karen's Mum, I think!!) and it's well worth getting - some great songs on there.

    Vive la musique!
    • nickinoo sa...
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    • 15 aug 2006, 21:25
    Here's my faves:

    1) Alisha Rules The World
    2) The House That We Built
    3) The Incidentals
    4) Air We Breathe (New Version)
    5) Daffodil Or A Diamond

    • Schoey sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 sep 2006, 21:27
    I think I'll just make myself at home here.

    Fave Attic tracks. Ooohh... now that's a tricky one.

    1. Alisha Rules The World
    2. Air We Breathe
    3. If You Want Me Back (The acoustic version on the Collection album)
    4. Personality Lines (54 seconds of pure Aa genius!)
    5. Push It All Aside

    The 2-5 choices would probably change in a week's time, but I will always hold Alisha Rules The World as my all-time fave track.

    • XMwaX sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 sep 2006, 08:58
    Don't Let Love Bring You Down :)

  • Dare You To Kill Me
    Not My Muse
    Pretender Got My Heart
    Valentines '98
    Can't Say Sorry
    He's A Rebel

  • Army of Fools
    Too Many Hellos & Goodbyes
    White Room
    Perfectly Happy
    It's Not Your Fault
    Sweet Escape
    Drunken & Fearful
    Not My Muse

  • 1. Resistor
    2. Dive In
    3. Me & The Dolphins
    4. Are You Jealous?
    5. Personality Lines
    6. I Am, I Feel

  • "Strangers" too

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