Alisha's Attic singles worth getting!

  • Alisha's Attic singles worth getting!

    I decided to start collecting all of their singles and for good reason. Each one contains a very cool b side and one or two cool remixes not found anywhere else. Often done very well to the original track. These single extras are essential for all pro Alisha's Attic fans and you can't really get them anywhere else but on these selected singles.

    So as I collect everyone I'll post it's contents here for all AA fans to help get everyone inspired to seek them out and provide my knowledge to their sound quality.

    So the first one I just got recently on CD with some very cool artwork/photos is..
    Alisha rules the world (Single - AATDD.2) (cover photos)

    1. Alisha rules the world (LP Version) 4.32
    2. God lives there (very cool 3 min new song! Dark and moody) 3.00
    3. Alisha rules the world (Network nut dub) 6.50
    A cool remix produced by Dave Stewart. Remix by EFMX.
    4. Alisha rules the world (MirRor ball mix) 8.10
    A better remix produced and preformed by Sly Diva & Serotina

    Keep in mind there's another version of this single that will differ from this one.
    Including other new bonus and remix tracks.
    I am I feel (Single - AATDD 1) (cover photos)

    Don't you just love the artwork/Photography?
    1. I am I feel (LP Version) 4.00
    2. Daffodil Or A Diamond (Live At The Corbin Hall) 3.35
    Sure doesn't sound live! This is a great song that would have went right
    along with Stone in my shoe. must have!
    3. I Am I Feel (Junior Vasquez Mix) 5.55 Not a bad remix here. But this one's just okay.
    4. I Am I Feel (Junior Vasquez Urban Beats) 7.46 A better remix with much power
    doing a nice proper tone to the original!

    Fellow Alisha's Attic fans feel free to add any info of any singles and your thoughts on the new bonus tracks.
    More to come later. Alisha's Attic fans rock!

    Chase your current mood with a magical music remedy.
  • Barbarella CD 1 (AATCD 7) (Cover photos)

    Just got a nice new copy of this great single!
    1 Barbarella (LP version) 3.59
    2 Affected by you not 2.36 - Great new song here! Very catchy.
    3 Breathe In 2.29 - Another good track. Cool intro effects.

    Track one produced by Dave A Stewart

    Tracks 2 and 3 Mixed and engineered by Simon Gogerly.
    Co-produnced by Alisha's Attic and Paul Tayler.

    Wish I were you CD 1 (AATCD 6) (cover photos)

    There are two CD singles of this release but only the first one (CD 1)
    contains two new songs that were not simply taken from the second album

    1 Wish I were you (edit) 3.30
    2 Late again - A sexual vibe and slow moving track. Relaxing. This one's okay.
    3 Little shotgun - I like this new song better. Very cool and worth the purchase to
    More to come I continue my Alisha's Attic Singles collection with much joy :-)

    Chase your current mood with a magical music remedy.
  • Shelly re-uses the chorus of "Little Shotgun" on her solo track "Little Wonder."

    It is worth getting EVERY Alishas Attic single, their B-Sides are amazing.

    My favourite will always be "Army of Fools" - which is the B-Side to "Indestructable". (There is also another cool little song on that CD called "Sweet Escape")

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