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Ledare: drugfreeadult
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Skapad den: 12 aug 2008
Twice a month a new album to discuss

Founded back in September of 2008, Onno and Mike decided to start an Album of the Month Club to discover and discuss hardcore/punk albums.

The purpose of this group is to not distribute free music, but to possibly open someone's eyes to an album that you believe deserves some recognition or start some conversation around an album that you think is a classic. If you enjoy an album that you discover in this group, and it is readily available, the expectation is that you will be purchasing it.

We don't wanna be an elite group, but participating really, REALLY means taking part in the album discussions. Consecutive months of not taking part in the discussions, and your membership to the group will be revoked.

If you are looking to join our group, and contribute to discussions on hardcore and punk, feel free to apply.

Mid-May: microskapic
Mid-June: onno
July: drugfreeadult
Mid-July: andre_ca
August: luciferyellow
Mid-August: blend77
September: AdRock1
Mid-September: microskapic

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