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    • 27 mar 2009, 22:34
    I hate shuffle so much. I listen to individual tracks a fair amount, but I prefer to choose them myself...
    There's something thrilling about listening to whole albums though (especially for the first time!), and it makes me sad that my friends and peers don't ever experience it. They all download songs from Limewire and hardly even own any full albums.

    IMCollective said:
    If I'm listening to music for enjoyment and have the time, I will listen to an album once. Then I put it away for months so my next listening experience will be fresh and surprising. Then go on to the next disc I want to hear and then return to the shelf...

    If I'm listening to music in preparation for a show or for review I may listen to it several times all the way through until I start to get a sense of the general flow that the musician intended. Once I feel that, I begin to listen to the CD all the way through each time I play it.

    In the first instance, I never want to get to know the album too well. In the second case, I want to become very familiar with it.

    I admire your self-control! Sometimes I fall into musical slumps where I'm not getting a lot of new music, and I just play the same stuff over and over till I wear it out. helps me avoid this for the most part, though.

    • marlads sa...
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    • 1 apr 2009, 20:56
    i listen to shuffle on here, occasionally full albums. In the car I make mix cd's.

    At home I listen to vinyl, whole albums. The Beatles, Boston, pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin...They have to be listened to as a whole.

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    • 12 apr 2009, 20:25
    I listen to full albums 90% of the time,
    Sometimes i might listen to 1 or 2 tracks from an album then goto a diffrent album

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    • 15 aug 2009, 05:37
    I never listen to shuffle although when i'm pressed for time i will listen to my favorites on a single album.

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    • 18 sep 2009, 21:24
    I only listen to full albums.

    • Sal-ival sa...
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    • 10 dec 2009, 17:20
    I listen to full albums quite a lot, especially in three conditions:

    A. It's a conceptual album
    B. It's a new release i've just got and I want to take a quick preview of it.
    C. When there's a pattern when listening to it that make the listening experience a lot better, like Ænima or Destroy Erase Improve

    However, I'm also used to focusing on one single album and shuffle the tracks on it to see if there's any song with the potential to grow on me.

    Then i enjoy listening to random tracks at least one hour per day :D

  • It really depends on the album. Most of the time, I listen to a full album one time through in order to get use to is and a second time to be sure. Most of time, I listen to the full album and just repeat tracks that I like on the album. I don't really remember the last time I put anything on shuffle, I just pick something depending on my mood at the time.

  • As a general rule I listen to full albums. Only if I don't have enough time for an entire album I pick a number of standalone singles I wouldn't listen to otherwise.
    I dislike shuffle because I tend to listen to music that is much better albumwise (and often simply not cool when you listen to a song on its own).

  • spilled_milk said:
    When I get a new album I listen to it all the way through but once in a while I'll be in the mood to listen to just one or two songs of the albums. I never use shuffle because I like to choose song I want to listen to, but when I can't choose what to listen to I'll close my eyes and just go up and down in my library and whatever I land on I listen to that album.

    I do the same thing

    Music is not about hits, sales or awards it just about enjoying your favorite artists and their music that is what it is about. The impossible is possible.
  • What about cd singles? Do anyone listening to there cd singles and does that count as listening?

    Music is not about hits, sales or awards it just about enjoying your favorite artists and their music that is what it is about. The impossible is possible.
  • I mostly listen to full albums. but sometimes run into a sort of musical rut where I find myself listening to the same songs over and over again without getting much enjoyment out of the listening experience. That mainly happens when I'm burned out on listening to music, in most cases due to overexposure.

    I see that a lot of people prefer to listen with shuffle on their MP3 players. I'm the opposite, I listen to full albums even more consistently when on the move. Haven't owned an mp3 player in almost a year now though, gave my last one to two Turkish dudes last year... at knife point.

  • Shuffling and such bore me. I don't hardly ever listen to just one song unless that song is REALLY FUCKING GREAT. 99% of my plays are full albums. However usually the first few tracks on an album have more plays than the others because sometimes I have to go do something in the middle of an album so I close it off before I finish the album.

    Selena1995 said:
    What about cd singles? Do anyone listening to there cd singles and does that count as listening?

    I don't know anyone who actually has CD singles. Most of the people I know buy individual songs from iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. and some people who just download individual MP3 files instead of full album RAR files but that's about it.

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    • 23 mar 2010, 15:45
    LihinianZissou said:
    Sometimes i listen to just a standout song of an average album. But most of the time i listen to the whole album. Music is meant to be put in context. It tells stories, so why skip chapters? There's no better way to enjoy an album as a whole. But shuffle mode is fun as well sometimes.

    I am the same exact way :-) As everyone cans see there are some favorite/standout tracks from albums I like that are topping my most played tracks but I've tried not to do that much anymore since I like my scrobbles neat and I find I appreciate music much more when I listen to to a whole album instead of picking one song or a few songs and repeating it/them.

  • Album all the way

    I almost always listen to Albums start to finish.. I listen to a lot of music and I'm not a fan of the loose track thing.. Only on rare occasions I might have a song in my head and I'll put it on for a listen but then usually I'll just listen to the whole album anyway.. One thing I can't stand is when people say "Oh yer I like that song by that band.. you know the one.." "Which album is it on?" "Oh I don't know, I heard it on the radio" ARGGHH!! lol

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    • 21 apr 2010, 21:39
    99% of the time i'm an album listener. Literally.

    I shuffle when i'm in an ambivalent mood, and i might latch on to an artist and list to an album or two if something piques my interest.

    • Oniren sa...
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    • 1 maj 2010, 02:08
    I listen to a mix of full albums and shuffled playlists that have all my music from very broad genres (Metal, Rock, and Indie). I almost always listen to an album in its entirety the first time I play it and won't put it on the playlist until afterwards.

    "And the lights, Turn them off my friend
    And the ghosts, We'll just let them in
    Cause in the dark, It's easier to see" - When the Crowds Are Gone, Savatage
    • soeren95 sa...
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    • 8 maj 2010, 11:24
    I prefer listening to complete albums. Sometimes I listen to single tracks, but mostly I listen to a whole album. So I don't like all this download thing and prefer buying CD's. And that's why I like AC/DC. They don't give the licence to their music to iTunes or any other download store because they want people to buy their entire records and not only some tracks of it.

  • i sometimes go through my favorite albums on shuffle, they're different but in a good way. it also helps me appreciate the tracks as standalone pieces.

  • I gnerally listen to full albums in track order. But sometimes feel like several artists then I make a playlist of the artist best songs and listen to it but aside from that. just albums...

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