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Alabamians have been engaged in a territorial war with the kudzu forces for countless years, battling back its encroaching tendrils that threaten our local plants and our homes. Determined to keep Alabama "the Beautiful," citizens have been fighting the green, really foul tasting (have you ever had kudzu soup? Shit sucks.) menace, not with guns and knives (though we certainly have plenty of both), but with the power of music! Alabama natives have crafted some of the grittiest hardcore, shittiest metal, dumbest rap, and twangiest country you ever did hear for ages, which of course is not very effective against flora but with our school systems being 47th in the nation, who was going to tell us? It's been a tough fight, but some real gems have emerged from the front lines, and we are here to celebrate our southern beauties.

Though everyone likes to poke fun; Alabama, we love you. This place is for those who call Alabama home and for those who just enjoy her babies. Welcome.


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