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ADLICIOUS is a pop group from the Netherlands and consists of Shirley Spoor, Laise Sanches and Jordy van Toornburg.

ADLICIOUS is a pop group from the Netherlands and consists of Shirley Spoor, Laise Sanches and Jordy van Toornburg.
They met at the Rotterdam Conservatory and the last four years have gained much experience as backing vocalists for various artists
such Extince, Kyteman, Lisa Lois, Charlene, Jack, Michael Bolton and Chaka Khan.
Because they can find each other so well musically and socially
May 1 last year they decided to start a group. Last year she participated in X-Factor UK and this year (2011) participated in X-Factor NL,
where they have become second. They are determined to be the new sensation.

Shirley Spoor:

After studying at the Jazz department first three years , she eventually graduated from the pop department of the Conservatory in 2010.
Her passions were sports, dance and theater, but the theater they found out that singing was still more her thing , and she took the decision to focus on music. Become more
Like the other members of Adlicious it has also gained experience as a backing vocalist for such Kyteman , Extince & Alain Clark.

Laise Sanches:

A resident in Rotterdam talent with Cape Verdean background and all that radiates a positive energy . Laise graduated from the Rotterdam Jazz Academy and with her dazzling performances will be encountered in any weather the audience in ecstasy . Laise has also already spent an entire career as a backing vocalist and has toured with artists such as Wouter Hamel , Chaka Khan and many others.
Her versatility is also reflected in her acting , as she appeared in several theater
groups like Theatre Rotterdam guts . But singing remains her greatest passion!

Jordy van Toornburg:

Grew up in a musical environment which he early came into contact with music . He already began piano lessons at the age of 11 and his musical passion was for gospel music . A logical next step was therefore to go , where he graduated in 2010. Conservatory
His broad musicality and his ability to entertainment Jordy despite his young age has already worked with various artists, Alain Clark to the Metropole Orchestra.

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