I'm pretty sure I'm the only group leader to ever do this. at least i've never seen it. but i want to encourage all of you to try listening to the group radio!

    (it's on the right side of the "overview" page, right under the flag counter)

    basically, it's the best thing i've ever heard. it actually used to suck. but now, it's pretty good.

    here are some of the songs i skipped through in one sitting (i won't skip any titles and i'll list them all in order):

    megadeth - symphony of destruction
    black sabbath - the wizard
    ozzy osbourne - no more tears
    motorhead - love me like a reptile
    lynyrd skynyrd - free bird
    Deep purple - space truckin'
    thin lizzy - the boys are back in town
    ac/dc - tnt
    black label society - what's in you
    iron maiden - the trooper
    velvet revolver - dirty little thing
    beatallica - blackened the ussr
    rage against the machine - voices of the voiceless
    dio - caught in the middle
    pantera - this love
    caught in a mosh - anthrax
    joe satriani - always with me, always with you
    soundgarden - my wave
    judas priest - metal gods
    alice in chains - down in a hole
    jimi hendrix -m burning of the midnight lamp
    van halen - jamie's cryin'
    tenacious d - lee
    blue cheer - summertime blues
    whitesnake - don't break my heart again
    blue oyster cult - cities on flame with rock and roll
    aerosmith - dream on
    scorpions - wings of change
    dream theater - another day
    the who - eminence front
    eric clapton - forever man
    WASP - animal (fuck like a beast)
    guns n' roses - patience
    yngwie malmsteen - far beyond the sun
    alice cooper - i wanna be elected (?)
    buckethead - padmasana
    the jimi hendrix experience - purple haze
    pearl jam - world wide suicide
    children of bodom - triple corpse hammer blow
    jefferson airplane - whit rabbit
    testament - souls of black
    sir lord baltimore - lady of fire
    the yardbirds - for your love
    audioslave - yesterday to tomorrow
    alabama thunderpussy - open fire
    eagles - heartache tonight
    the black crowes - hard to handle
    cream - lawdy mama (version 2)
    rainbow - stone cold
    simon & garfunkel - for emily, whenever i may find her
    depultura - symptom of the universe
    kiss - goin' blind
    creedance clearwater revival - penthouse pauper
    rush - limelight
    ted nugent - cat scratch fever
    steve vai - die to live
    def leppard - animal
    the rolling stones - honky tonk woman
    david gilmour - where we start
    the allman brothers band - whipping post
    reo speedwagon - can't fight this feeling
    stone temple pilots - down
    wolfmother - love train
    forbidden - green
    disturbed - voices
    amon arath - bleed for ancient gods
    jethro tull - dharma for one
    rammstein - nebel
    tool - the pot
    opeth - the lotus eater
    skid row - livin' on a chain gang
    trivium - he who spawned the furies
    dire straits - money for nothing
    sebastian bach - take you down with me
    motley crue - primal scream
    in flames - abnegation
    zz top - she's just killing me
    queen - nevermore
    the sword - under the boughs
    kyuss - thumb

    ... the list goes on and on and on. overall, this is a fucking kick-ass classic rock station (amongst other things), and i want to thank you all for listening to GOOD music (and if you read this lol).

    so, i once again encourage you all to listen to the group radio. just judging by that list, i'm sure you can see that there's tons of good music on it, with some exceptions *cough* trivium *cough*; there's no talking, either. or commercial interuptions, ads, etc.... and you get a SKIP button if you don't like the song.... AND every song is identified clearly for you (but then again, that's nothing new to you--- you're all last.fm users, after all).

    go listen! (that's what it's there for).

    • r5a2k3 sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 jan 2009, 20:33

    It fucking owns.

    Started me off with moterhead - overkill.
    Lets do this :D

  • do you have the URL for the stream?

    Bang that head that doesn't bang!!
  • LOL, I was singing Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Then I read this topic, started the radio and the first song was Iron Man by Black Sabbath ^^

    This group rules =D

  • yep, here is the URL for the radio stream: http://www.last.fm/listen/group/Addicted%20to%20Guitar%20Solos

  • This Time Around i got:

    aerosmith - i don't wanna let go (or something like that)
    black sabbath - lonely is the word
    anthrax - nobody knows anything
    simon & garfunkel - i am a rock
    alice cooper - no more mr. nice guy
    wolfmother - woman
    whitesnake - best years
    ozzy osbourne - mama, i'm coming home
    machine head - slanderous
    lynyrd skynrd - you got that right
    guns n' roses - live and let die
    eagles - get over it
    rush - bastille day
    beatillica - hey dude
    scorpions - walking on the edge
    amon arath - with oden [sic] on our side
    eric clapton - wonderful tonight
    van halen - finish what ya started
    the who - bell boy
    the rolling stones - can't you hear me knocking
    motorhead - ace of spades
    buckethead - enter slipdisc
    dio - holy diver
    dream theater - surrounded
    creedance clearwater revival - bad moon rising
    slayer - postmortem
    steve vai - dyin' day
    testament - absence of light
    judas priest - love biters
    the yardbirds - honey in your hips
    iron maiden - man on the edge
    alabama thunderpussy - amounts that count
    audioslave - show me how to live
    ac/dc - who made who
    soundgarden - applebite
    alice in chains - shame on you
    w.a.s.p. - i'm alive
    nirvana - heart shaped box
    motley crue - just another psycho
    blue cheer - summertime blues
    REO speedwagon - can't fight this feeling
    blue oyster cult - flaming telepaths
    megadeth - rust in peace
    sodom - burst commad 'til war
    jimi hendrix - voodoo chile

    classics all.... most.

    i almost want to make the group private once it reaches, say, 250 people... but then i'm afraid it will turn into more of an eugenics experiment on my behalf lol...

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 jan 2009, 17:09

  • What dictates which songs appear on the radio?

  • well, i'm not entirely sure, but i think it has something to do with the artists which we all have in common, or the amount of times that certain artists are played in general, regardless if one or all listen to them. like i said, i'm not entirely sure, just like i'm not entirely sure what "music unique to this group" means.

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