Best acoustic covers?

  • Iron & Wine - Such Great Height (covering The Postal Service)

  • angus & julia stone - "you're the one that i want" (yes, seriously)

    gaslight anthem - "i do not hook up" (yes, the kelly clarkson song)

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    • 21 aug 2011, 02:04
    jeff buckley -Hallelujah
    love this track so much, I'd like to hear it while dying

  • i went through all the posts, so i shouldn't duplicate what others have said.

    gregory and the hawk - irreplaceable
    because i love her voice. it's so pretty and sweet.

    goot - i want it that way
    goot - every time we touch
    because that boy can seriously sing

    ben gibbard - complicated
    ben gibbard - girl's just wanna have fun
    his version is pretty much amazing

    it's different from the cure's, and also manages to be sorrowful and wandering. it doesn't beat the cures, but it's still a nice redention

    marie digby - umbrella
    she has a very pretty voice

    gabe bondoc - chasing pavement
    his voice is fantastic. he does tons of other covers on youtube, but his voice = GOLD.

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    • 26 feb 2012, 13:25
    Eef Barzelay recently did some great acoustic covers as requested by his fans. I love his version of Jackson Browne's 'These Days'. Available at Eef Barzelay Fan Chosen Covers

    • bog13dan sa...
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    • 20 maj 2012, 20:54
    lately i was inclined to listen a lot of acoustics .my range of good acoustic artists comes entirely from youtube so from my it`s kurt scheinder&co. , karmin ,boyce avenue,walk off the earth ,goot , maddi jane

    It`s ok..everybody does it...
  • Crazy by Gnarls Barkley (cover by Ray LaMontagne) is very good

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