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Skapad den: 27 jan 2007
If you like acid and if you like ambient, and especially if you like them both toegether, then join the trip!

Acid is here not refering to the drug (although that too is possible to include in the mix), but the the type of sonic effect emanating from synths like the Roland TB-303, creating those wonderfully twisted psychedelic sounds.

These sounds are used in many different genres, for example techno, trance, breakbeat etc. This group focuses on acid used in ambient music, i.e. Acid Ambient.

Ambient is a genre for relaxation and contemplation, which maybe seems to contradict the "noisy" acid sounds, but when used properly, acid and ambient (and acid :) can in fact be a wonderful combination.

So if you like acid, and if you like ambient, and especially them both toegether, feel free to join the trip!

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