• irotas sa...
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    • 29 mar 2008, 22:08

    Who are your favorites?

    Who are your favorite artists in this genre?

    Wikipedia: Abstract hip hop

    Wikipedia: Instrumental Hip Hop

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
    Redigerad av irotas den 4 apr 2008, 13:42
  • DJ Shadow
    Cut Chemist

  • Im still new in this scene, im really glad this group has been created because i have been looking for this kind of music for ages now. Really.
    But about the question, I like Dj Baku's and Dj Krush's non-ghetto-urban-warfare-rapping stuff pretty much, now im looking for more.

    • irotas sa...
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    • 2 apr 2008, 00:15
    Almarilsyn said:
    Im still new in this scene, im really glad this group has been created because i have been looking for this kind of music for ages now. Really.
    But about the question, I like Dj Baku's and Dj Krush's non-ghetto-urban-warfare-rapping stuff pretty much, now im looking for more.

    I'm glad you found a home :)

    But you're right, there just aren't any other groups like this on Last.fm. There are some that are somewhat similar, but I've not seen any really good ones.

    If you're looking for more artists, check out our artists connections.

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
    • wigglin sa...
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    • 2 apr 2008, 20:04
    I like Madlib, J Dilla, Daedelus and DJ Shadow!

    • wigglin sa...
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    • 2 apr 2008, 20:05
    Oh, and does Prefuse 73 count? Because I like him too!

    • rzewiuza sa...
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    • 2 apr 2008, 22:31
    Well - lately King Geedorah, Why?, Odd Nosdam... still trying to get deeper into Subtle music ;]

    • theofer sa...
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    • 4 apr 2008, 10:22
    Depends on what you classify as "this genre".
    Nevertheless… cLOUDDEAD, Daedelus, DJ Shadow (exclude The Outsider), Kid Koala, Boom Bip.
    Almarilsyn: for DJ Krush check out Jaku, his best album in my opinion.

  • Ammoncontact
    Dj Shadow
    Kid Koala
    Dj Food

  • boom bip
    prefuse 73
    dj cam
    dj krush
    jel-fuckin awesome
    jaga jazzist
    ahhhhhh too many to tell check my profile

    live for the moment
    • Jimmert sa...
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    • 7 apr 2008, 18:56
    I'm new to this whole style you guys call abstract and instrumental hip hop. I saw DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Kid Koala live a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. I'm always open to new stuff, so... recommend me some :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 apr 2008, 22:33
    RJD2 is my fav without a doubt my fav hip hip DJ, when i saw him live i was left speechless at how good he is live...i like DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist too but when i saw them live i was actually quite bored by their set. and also one of my favorite hip hop grps is without a doubt Blackalicious, theyre awesome

  • RJD2 of course, DJ shadow, DJ Krush, Prefuse 73 are all there too.

    • Jimmert sa...
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    • 8 apr 2008, 18:12
    I need to find some stuff by RJD2, seeing how many ppl in this topic seem to like him. What's his best album, any tips?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 8 apr 2008, 21:25
    the thing about RJD2 is that he changes alot in every album he makes (if you listen to his first album and than his latest album, ull know what im talkin about), i would start off with his album Deadringer...

  • Check out the Breezeblock mix too, AWESOME :]

    • rudzik13 sa...
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    • 12 apr 2008, 14:19
    if turntablism can be connected to instrumental hip-hop I would say Birdy Nam Nam if not Cut Chemist :)

    • judopapa sa...
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    • 12 apr 2008, 17:03
    MF DOOM Special Herbs / all his other incarnations
    Madlib - The Beat Konducta / Shades of Blue
    DJ Krush

    This group is helping me out a lot, ie. Jel and Sixtoo and

    • BooyakaA sa...
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    • 13 apr 2008, 15:02
    Fat Jon
    DJ Muro
    Kno (CunninLynguists)
    The Sound Providers
    Dj Mitsu
    Kero One
    Chinese Man
    TM Juke
    Nightmare on Wax
    Wax Taylor
    Dj Medhi

    "La liberté d'un peuple dépend de l'audace qu'il conquiert sur sa peur" Stendhal.
  • If I had to pick a few,

    Sixtoo (duration being my favourite album that I own)
    RJD2 (deadringer especially, since we last spoke is good but I dont like his new album)
    blockhead (music by cavelight is stunning)

    After browsing this group I am definately going to pick up some of Jels stuff, one of the few artists that gets top plays on here that I had never heard of and from what I have listened to he is pretty dope.

  • i'll drop some names

    they veer into the world a bit, but that's where I come from too. :)

    Machine Drum (some of you will love others will hate. it's VERY electronic-influenced, but one of my all-time favorite artists.)

    Forss - is another MUST HEAR. the album "Soulhack" is a masterpiece.

    Take - just found this guy but he's outstanding.

    Funkstorung - i can't actually spell this right because i'm a lazy american who refuses to download whatever i need to allow me to use an umlaut. not to mention that i just don't wanna. go ahead, you can spell english words incorrectly, too. i don't mind. it's not MY language.

    Caural - from chicago, relocated to cali, now in japan.
    it's beyond description.

    Dabrye - he's from detroit and i believe "studied under" J Dilla.

    edIT - master. this guy's album "Crying Over Pros for No Reason" was beautiful. his new one's a lot different and is freakin crazily produced.

    Ghislain Poirier - french dude

    Thavius Beck - just provided live beats for Saul Williams's last tour

    Gescom - an Autechre side project that is more hip-hop based.

    Gouseion - another french dude

    Tom Burbank


    Jimmy Edgar

    Malcolm Kipe


    that should tide you over for a while.



    • irotas sa...
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    • 10 maj 2008, 14:14
    Whoa, nice list! This is going to be a good weekend for jams. :)

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 13 maj 2008, 19:14
    Just because nobody has dropped the name yet - Hermitude.

    Pasobionic - I don't listen to this guy enough, and everytime I do, it reminds me how great he is.

    Wax Tailor of course.

    Mr. Scruff - is he hip hop enough for ya?!

    Bonobo - he's probably a magician.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 24 maj 2008, 19:54
    Kid Koala
    Blue Sky Black Death, although they incorporate elements of post-rock.

    And that's my three contributions.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 maj 2008, 19:19
    Hermitude - I just bought the Tales of The Drift album, and I can honestly say it is one of the best albums I've ever listened to.

    40 Winks - They have to be my favourite band at the moment. It's amazing instrumental hip-hop. It's just so addictive.


    DJ Cam


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