You guys should consider changing your group name

    • Gronkle sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 sep 2006, 10:01
    I've just thought of someting, not something very interesting but it is a way you people could get away with calling yourselves punk.

    Call it 'dance-punk' or something similar.
    I know the term 'pop-punk' would be insulting to you but surely 'dance-punk' is a nice middleground.

    I don't wish to join any labelling bandwagon but you do end up insulting some people when you refer to something with words once associated with thing very different and with a culture that would probably stab you to death over the word 'back in the day'.

    Hope this catches on and ends the pathetic squabbles.
    But I am only here for my own enjoyment, so if you squabble, at least make it entertaining.

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