off topic (say HELLO)

  • off topic (say HELLO)

    okay. as we are only 3 now (but i hope more people will join this group soon)i think the best thing to do would be to tell about ourselves so we could know each other a little better. (also, I want to do this because I can't live witthout a little offtopic).
    so, if you guys don't mind, I can start by writing about myself.

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 mar 2007, 16:30
    ;) Yeah, I'm really curios!

  • ^^. okay. so hello.. First of all, my name is Viktorija. I live in Lithuania (a small country in Baltic region. and also georgraphical middle of Europe). I'm a bit reserved or introverted person, but I guess that part of me comes out just sometimes. I have a basic musical education because after finishing music school I didin't want to go to higher school and then to the academy of music.. why..? because they would have stuffed my head with theory, not leaving any space for creativity. at this period of my life I can say, that I'm a huge soccer freak. and proud of it. I play football in a small team. I also love drawing. freaky pictures mostly. fishes with moustache, fir trees with eyes and freaky smiles. my favourite themes for these pictures are angels (I have my own collection of different types of these ones) and stars. stars are freaking me out. I love 'em. sometimes, when I'm not lazy, I go to photography lessons. so I can say I'm kinda photographer. and kinda not. the best book I've ever read is A.Miunte "The Story of San Michelle". at the moment I'm readin John Irvings' "Cider House Rules". but I guess I wont finish this book ever, because it's for my english lesson home reading. just 30 pages a month! I also like poetry. Lithuanian one. My ideal is Alexander The Great. for his passion. and now a little about Incubus. I know them for a pretty long time, but when I really got interested of their music was the time when "Megalomaniac" video appeared on MTV. after that I put them aside and started taking interest in new-age metal bands. how stupid I was then. before this "Incubus period" as I call it I listened to russian rock bands as Bi-2 and splean. but then I found Incubus again. and again, I was amazed by lyrics and Brandons incredible voice. hm.. not voice, actually. perhaps his expression would be the better word to say what amazes me.
    hmm.. it seems that it's enough about me. `] if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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  • hm.. Are you guys going to write about yourselves or not..?

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    • 12 mar 2007, 15:01
    Sorry ^^

    Ok, I'm Lorien and I live in Milan, in the North Of Italy.
    I'm really proud of my name, because it comes from "The Lord Of The Rings" by JRR Tolkien.
    I'm 15 years old and I attend an artistic school in the centre of the city and I like it because I can express myeslf.
    I like drawing, writing, walking around with my dog (it's similar to a big big mouse, but i Love it!) and naturally listening to music. My favourite singer is Peter Hammill, an English songwriter.
    I like travelling. The best place I ever gone was Jamaica but I was too young to remember every little thing: I only remember that Jamaica is very beautiful *_*. Next summer, me me and my mum are going to go to Costa Rica and I can't wait to leave!
    My favourite book is "Les fleurs du mal" by Charles Baudelaire, a French poet... oh I love his poetry!!
    I'm very lazy and I hate sports: I prefer sit down on the grass in the park, watching the clouds.
    I knew Incubus about three years ago. I was watching Mtv in the night-time when I saw "Megalomaniac". The day after I bought "A crow left of the murder" and I became a fan.

    That's Me!

  • YAY, now we can share our interests and other stuff! ^^
    ahh.. you're so lucky! first of all, ohmygosh, I love national soccer team of Italy and.. "AC Milan" football club `]. secondly, I don't like travelling. I hate it. but Jamaica and Costa Rica.. it's worth to go on foot there..!
    oh, and I forgot one thing. *^^*

    Fragment of my face `}

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  • helloo...

    i´m isi! =)
    i´m fifteen and i´m from austria, tirol..
    i like to listen to music, have fun with friends and go shopping!
    i really like travelling to cities like paris, dublin or barcelona!
    i love incubus, my favourite band all songs of them, and the lyrics are very good!
    ...and brandon is such a hot guy with an incredible voice, especially live ;)
    so any questions..just ask!

    » music is liƒe «
  • hi, Isi , nice to meet you.
    hey, haven't you got more hobbies than you mentioned.?

    P.s. I hope you won't be another dead member of this group.. (we're so dead, so dead here..)

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    • Shisla sa...
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    • 27 mar 2007, 16:36
    Nice to Know you! XD XD XD

  • we got born again? o_O `}

    Shisla, hope not "nice to know you.. goodbye.." `D

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    • Shisla sa...
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    • 29 mar 2007, 12:13
    No no no, one moment....i say only: Nice to know you...
    I don't say goooooooodbyeeeeeee...XD

  • Whew `]]

    Interesting coincidence, my iTunes's just played that song `]]

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  • yes, of course..=)
    i like to go to parties, sometimes i read books, in summer i love to go swimming, play beach volleyball, and just chilling..and in winter i like to go skiing and iceskating!in the moment not more come in my mind ;)

    » music is liƒe «
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 13 apr 2007, 23:02
    Hello people :D

    I'm Iulia and i'm from Bucharest,Romania.i'm almost 18 and i've been a fan of Incubus since 2002 i think,i saw the "are you in?" video very often and i was like:this song's too addictive and relaxing and wow,the singer's =)
    i started searching for their music then i discovered other music and took a break.But soon after *boom*,i listened to their earlier stuff like "fungus amongus" and "S.C.I.E.N.C.E" and i became obsessed =),then "Megalomaniac" came and well,i must say i love Incubus and what they do and make me feel,i love watching incubus diary and laughing at how silly they seem in "cribs".
    I'm excited,can't wait until June to see them live *dreaming*

  • hi everyone!!i'm happy to share with you this amazing music...incubus make my mind fly so far away....

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