Favorite Album

    • x_TMMC sa...
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    • 21 feb 2010, 20:07

    Favorite Album

    My favorite Album from Aaliyah would have to be between
    "Age Ain't Nothing but A Number" because it had that Jazz, soul, vibe to it,
    Or "Aaliyah" Many on her songs I just love on that Album.
    How about yourself?

    JanetJackson - PoeticJustice♥
  • Why ain't nobody replying?
    For me it's definitely OIAM <3 It was the first album of Aaliyah that I heard, the album that made me fall in love with her & music. So special for me

  • Mine would be 'Aaliyah' cause when I listen to it I feel likethese songs were made just yesterday. No current singer made it to Liyahs level yet, and never will. I just love this Aaliyah-licious freshness and originality. That album is absolutely unique for me.

    • Vraiter sa...
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    • 6 aug 2015, 11:48

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