• The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard’s Favourite Albums of All Time.

    9 nov 2008, 03:46 av BlackCoffeeDuck

    This was published in The Aussie Rolling Stone magazine a few years ago so I might be breaking all sorts of copyright laws but who cares really? I’ll turn it to a big list and quote one or two lines about each album. I hope all you The Drones fans on like this?

    #1. SuicideSuicide (1977)
    “It’s got everything I like but doesn’t have guitars, it’s got a lot of soul. It’s poetic… I just love it – It would be my all-time favourite.”

    #2. Townes Van ZandtLive at the Old Quarter (1976)
    “It’s him playing a solo show in the 70’s… It some of the heaviest song writing, but it’s just so madly intense. Him and Dylan are the two guys if you want words and music.”

    #3. XAspirations (1979)
    “It’s the sound of a bunch of junkies with a sense of humour, done with a full on Australian accent… The way it was put together it was totally slap-dash”

    #4. Kim Salmon & The SurrealistsHit Me With the Surreal Feel (1988)
    “It’s recorded with one mike and it sounds like it’s 1,000 miles away… It’s like a ghost or memory of an album.”

    #5. Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited (1968)
    “I like that this is hilarious. He’s such a funny dude, its ridiculous”

    #6. Black FlagLive '84 (1985)
    “You know the V8 Interceptor that Mad Max drives? If that car had a band, it would sound like this… It’s just so extreme.”

    #7. Bad BrainsRock for Light (1983)
    “I listen to this every day… I’ve seen them play live and they best live bands even up against Dirty Three and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. They would shit on Slayer live.”

    #8. Einstürzende NeubautenKollaps (1981)
    Kollaps was made in a water tower that looks like an alien from War of the World… As soulful as Otis Redding record but it does sound like a building collapsing

    #9. Van MorrisonVeedon Fleece (1974)
    Veedon Fleece is a beautiful record… My favourite love song is on it Come Here My Love

    #10. Alan VegaJukebox Babe (1980)
    Alan Vega is the singer from Suicide and this is first solo record… People either get it straight away or they don’t but they’ll get eventually.”

    So that is it. What do you think?
  • THE DRONES LIVE!!! (again & it just gets better)

    27 apr 2009, 01:35 av BlackCoffeeDuck

    I saw theThe Drones again last night (Sun 26 Apr – The Drones) and it just gets better and better. The Drones are moving up in the world each time the venue get bigger and bigger, double the size. First time was at Mojo's Bar a couple or so years ago then at The Bakery last year. And now at Fly-by Night club.

    The support band was going to be Qui but the Bloody Mother Fucking Assholes didn't show up, canceled last week. I love David Yow but a no show was so disappointing. The Jesus Lizard were one one the greatest bands I've ever seen live but I can't add Qui today. The Drones are taking their place now too. I would say they're only behind say Dirty Three, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Bob Dylan as one of the greatest live acts in my book. You should see them if they come to your town.

    So who was the support band? Local Perth band MF And His Truckload Of Hope which I've never seen before. They hadn't played live in a long time and the drummer had never played with them. So it was cool check them out. They're not really on here on so here is their myspace page here: .Their first song kind-off sounded (but with different lyrics) like Lubricated Goat's In the Raw but not on national TV and not naked too. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about have a look here:
    and :

    Anyway I'm getting side tracked back to The Drones. It was a bit of family reunion last night with Gareth Liddiard Grandmother turning up just before they were going on stage and started hugging and kissing him backstage also I stood next to his Dad all night. He was a very proud parent smiling and even laughing at his jokes all night.

    The last time I saw them they played most of Havilah and the time before played most of Gala Mill being the new albums at the time but tonight it was a bit of everything which was cool. They did focus on the new album off course. The set list was something like this:
    Nail It Down
    Oh My
    The Minotaur
    Six Ways To Sunday
    Your Acting's Like The End Of The World
    Luck In Odd Numbers
    Shark Fin Blues
    She Had an Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
    I Don't Ever Want To Change
    Sixteen Straws
    The Miller's Daughter

    Seeing them live a few times now their songs turn into epic masterpieces. If you know the songs but haven't seen them live yet your are really missing out. Go and see them as soon as possible and quick smart about it too. What are you still sitting there reading this shit for, go and see THE DRONE LIVE!!!
  • My Bloodied Ears...

    4 jul 2008, 14:07 av The-Kicks

    Thu 3 Jul – My Bloody Valentine, Le Volume Courbe

    Nah, not really. I enjoyed the 'holocaust' section... for about 10 mins then it went a bit over-the-top. But hey, it wasn't called the "holocaust" section for nothing. Also, I think in order to have appreciated that section you had to remove it from the context of, "watching a band live" and approach it almost like meditation - unlike some of the bouncers, who had a good long laugh at it. What do you think?

    Anyway, I wasn't there on Wednesday night, so I never had the chance to see The Pastels - I know they are from Glasgow (I think??) however I've never heard them. So can anybody enlighten me?

    Even so, Thursday's support Le Volume Courbe - fronted by a very nervous Charlotte Marionneau - warmed up the crowd well with their lo-fi pop (you should hear the record) that brought to mind Nico-era Velvet Underground.

    After a bit of a wait, Kevin Shields and company finally took the stage and launched into opener , "I only said" which was - albiet a little sloppy - astonishing considering that you were actually witnessing My Bloody Valentine, live!

    And so, to some very trippy projections as a backdrop that called to mind their videos; the rest of the sometimes stop-start - albiet solid and entertaining - set consisted mostly of material from Loveless, as well as the pleasant surprise of a few EP tracks thrown in for good measure. Although some fans would complain over the absence of several 'classic' tracks from the set, (Sometimes, No More Sorry, Cupid Come etc) I'm sure the general consensus is that My Bloody Valentine are still the My Bloody Valentine from 20 years ago. They delivered a blistering -and I'm sure nostalgic for some - set that proved their relevance in the 21st century and left their audience hungry for the new material.

    Oh and this time round Kevin, please don't take quite so long...