The essential

  • The essential

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    I like a lot of styles and artists (metal, progressive, rock, folk, psytrance, techno, classical, eurodance, country, freestyle etc), but I believe everyone has a shorlist of 5 or 7 artists that would be enough in case everything else had to disappear. It's that case: you can take the entire discography of these artists to an island where you'll live the rest of your life, but nothing else.

    It's interesting, because they're not necessarily your favorite artists. The thing is: their discography is consistent. Maybe your favorite song is not even within those records, but the entire set is strong.

    What's your 7 artists shorlist? I'll try to draw mine below, not necessary with 100% accuracy. The order doesn't of appearance may be random.

    - Kamelot
    - Queensryche
    - Pink Floyd
    - Led Zeppelin
    - Dream Theater
    - Iron Maiden
    - Helloween

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