Moksha Project & Arak present:
    Indigo Festival 2012 - "3 days in the sun full of love, Harmony & Psychedelic Vibe's"
    Http:// - Indigo Festival Official Homepage.
    The Indigo Festival is a gathering that is dedicated to all free spirits! The annual gathering is a global reunion of the tribes. Prepare to be re-born into a new state of reality where anything is possible and the entire universe is once again, at our fingertips.
    This magical creation "Indigo" was born in 2009 during a blissful gathering of desert travelers dreaming of joining with other worldly freedom lovers. Their goal was to provide individuals with thenecessary tools to learn a different way of life and respect for one another.
    The Indigo Festival has become a top international psychedelic & music festival in Israel. The event is on the world map, providing an eclectic experience to everyone
    This year’s production includes more than 13 International artists and 5 live bands on 3 stages. Indigo Festival 2012 will be the largest ever!!!
    Main Stage Will consist on Electronic Music & Live Bands holding a wide
    & diverse range genres.

    Live Bands:
    Chambao (Spain) / Full Live Concert / Celebrating 10th anniversary of Chambao & presenting a new Album
    Juno Reactor (U.k) / full live Concert / NovaMute/Metropolis rec
    Prem Joshua (Germany) / Full Live Concert
    D.j's & live:
    A.k.d (Soulectro Music/Israel)

    Captain Hook (Iboga Records/Israel)

    Eat Static Live (Mesmobeat/U.k)

    Gula K (Moksha Family/Israel)

    Huda G (Moksha Family/Israel)

    James Monro Retro Set(Flyhing Rhino/Brasil)

    Logic Bomb (T.i.p Records, Sweden)

    Loud (Nano Records/Israel)

    Mark F (Plastic Beats/ Israel)

    Man With No Name (Dragonfly/U.k)

    Mute (iono Records/Israel)

    Nativ (Israel), Nitrodrop (Dooflex Records/Israel)

    Nomolos (Zenon Records/Israel)

    Omka (Moksha Family/Israel)

    Pena (Flow Records/Portugal)

    Sensient (Zenon Records/Australia)

    Shayman A.k.a Tushita (Moksha Family/Israel)

    Symphonix (Blue Tunes Records/Germany)

    Synchro (T.i.p Records/Netherland)

    X-Noise (Hommega/Israel)

    Perfect Stranger (Digital Structure/Israel)

    Triac (Boshke Beat/ Israel)

    Union Jack (Platipus Records/U.k)

    Weekend Hero's (Plastic Park/Israel)

    Alternative Stage will consist on World Music, Dub, Ethnic, Reggae, acoustic shows, Chill-out, Balkan, Gypsy & Workshop’s.

    Argaman (Fairy Tale Records/Israel)

    Bazoukaband new show who combines a scratcher, Pianist , Bouzouki & a bass player

    Chap Chap - Dubstep Live show

    Darwish (Circle of life) World Beat

    Eat Static Live electronic Set (Mesmo beat/U.k)

    Eyal Tribal (Tribal Pro.)

    Fawa (World travel show/Israel)

    Mofo (Red Eye Familya/Israel)

    Organic (Israel)

    Prem Joshua Workshop

    Darwish Psy-Trance set

    James Monro Closure set (Flyhing Rhino/Brasil)

    Jam Stage (Botimzog) The new upcoming stage of Indigo Festival, please follow the lineup/jam stage page for full information.

    Indigo Camping offers a large area in the nature for campers & is include in the ticket price.

    Prohibited items include and not limited to:
    Metal knife, Glass bottles, pets ,Gas camping burner, weapons, drugs, ect..

    Indigo's Market this year will host a huge flea market with everything from clothing to hand made art, chai shops, bars, and other various food booths.

    Children zone: Don't you worry the kiddies have not been left out.. Look forward to an enchanted children’s zone that will include activities for all our little angels.

    Deco: By alon Deco

    Sound System: L- acoustic "Kudo" line array & Martin Line array by Simol.

    Visual: Vj Oren

    Gates open: Friday 25/May 14:00 Pm

    Ticket Prices:
    1st Phrase: 56 Euro
    2st Phrase: 64 Euro
    3st Phrase: 74 Euro (At the Gates).

    Indigo Team is looking forward seeing you once again on our traditional playground that we have all created together throughout the years.

    Peace, Love & Harmony
    Indigo Team

    Organizer :Moksha Project
    Email :
    Facebook Page:

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