Requiem Laus new cd out soon

  • Requiem Laus new cd out soon

    Portuguese death metalers Requiem Laus are about to release their new cd " As Long As Darkness Bleeds " together with Kenosis Records on the first week of February. You can listen to a new track on the band's myspace (

    The album has 9 songs, the lyrics are based on the short story penned by young Portuguese Writter Jorge Ribeiro de Castro, and the drums were recorded by Anil Carrier ( Necrotize, Mindless Torture, Purify The Horror and Towers of Flesh ), the recordings were Mixed & Mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken.

    the track list is as following :

    1 - intro: and Eternity Creeps
    2 - I am Cursed
    3 - Visions
    4 - Blood Lines
    5 - A Field of Sorrows
    6 - Uncovering Earth
    7 - Shadow´s Foul Scourge
    8 - The Scarred Epiphany
    9 - outro: Torn Amidst Shadows

    here you can see the artwork for the cd :

    promotional video url :

    kind " metal " regards
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