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  • oldmoonlight

    december 2011
  • usedk


    oktober 2011
  • oruwu

    Looking for some help from the Last.fm Community here... So my favorite song, pretty much of all time is Tiesto - UR which features Matt Hales from Aqualung, and I am wondering if anyone can direct me to any of his music that sounds most similar to the style he uses in UR. If you could drop me a line on my shout page, or a message, i would be super grateful!

    juli 2010
  • xmelaniex

    i'll put a spell on u matt hales! ^ ^

    januari 2009
  • akanesita

    Love love love!!!! =D

    januari 2009
  • dsbum

    Aqualung pulled me thru school xD Love their sound!

    januari 2009
  • JessyMadish

    Lovely and amazing Aqualung!

    september 2008
  • limbeta

    It's also been a month since I heard "Easier to Lie" in a Scrubs soundtrack; listened to all things Aqualung and now they're my favorite.

    juli 2008
  • mellow_boy


    juni 2008
  • aelemginger

    I'm in love...... i love love aqualung

    maj 2008
  • BrendanDaemon

    Started listening to this guy like...one month ago? Just after I heard 'The Lake' on the Grey's Anatomy Ep.List Simply fell in love with him (and his music ;) )

    mars 2008
  • alflavor

    Memory Man finally out in the UK!

    augusti 2007
  • marchard

    It's not a band - just one genious guy

    augusti 2007
  • matthewcranwell

    I love this band, they are amazing.

    juli 2007
  • lorealkids06

    Why is the shoutbox empty?! I <3 Matt Hales. :)

    juli 2007