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    • 8 dec 2006, 19:33

    Videos ..!

    i thougt we need a thread where we can share our videos ;)
    bla bla bla ^^
    So post your favorit videos/songs here and i think a maximum of 3 would be ok..
    now lets go :D

    Brothers Keepers - Adriano(Letzte Warnung)

    I say absolutely no respect for nazis! and i hope u all think that way as well.

    Torch - In deinen Armen

    German Rap @ its best.

    Damion Davis - Fluchtversuch

  • very nice post!

    Take a look at these great vids...

    2pac - Pac's Life

    Azad - Alarm

    and I cannot forget these song lol
    childhood memories ;)

    • Tanzfee sa...
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    • 9 dec 2006, 13:04


    Baby, you are so cute!^^ Stellst einfach mal die Chipmunks rein :-* Aber Goofy und Max fehlen!
    Du bist der beste ich bin voll am Lachen :D

    Thanks for that nice start into the day!
    I love you !

    => Seven days left!

    Life's a bitch
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 11 dec 2006, 17:07
    I only have four things to say ;D

    1. 13.04? when does your day start? xD
    2. very sweet and nice your post ;) .. but back to topic please :P
    Blumentopf - Liebe & Hass
    Raggabund- Ganjatherapie

    • Tanzfee sa...
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    • 13 dec 2006, 10:53


    I like to make a statement to some posts and i want to apologize if i was too excited about the post of smakaveli but chipmunks are just amazing :D
    Well, my first post should be about dancing ^^
    Here are three great dancing videos:

    Honey - I belive
    I saw this video that often that I can dance to it now :D

    Justin Timberlake - My Love
    His style is becoming better and better

    Jennifer Lopez - Let's get loud
    Pretty difficult to choose only one of her videos, she is the best dancer I've ever seen! No one, not even shakira, can shake their hips like her:)

    Have fun^^

    Life's a bitch
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