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Send albums from one label to the other?

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    • 26 jan 2006, 19:23

    Send albums from one label to the other?

    Greetings :)

    I went to register my own name as label name, "Jean-Sébastien Décarie", however, when I checked the email I received and the ftp login, the "é" had been replaced by "_" letters on the ftp and the email looked like this : Jean-Sébastien Décarie.

    So since I didn't wanted to have an impossible-to-search-for name I created "Jean-Sebastien Decarie".

    However, once everything was said and done, I realized that "Jean-Sébastien Décarie" DID register fine on, no funky letters to replace the "é".

    Is there any way I can actually transfer everything from the "Jean-Sebastien Decarie" label to the "Jean-Sébastien Décarie" one and delete the unused one?

    Thanks :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 27 jan 2006, 03:01
    Okay, nevermind that, I moved my stuff accordingly, can someone on please delete the "Jean-Sebastien Decarie" label? :)

    Thank you, sorry for the trouble :/

  • Good Morning Jean-Sebastien,

    I shall mark your "Jean-Sebastien Decarie" label for deletion.


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