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deleting album

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 26 jan 2011, 03:35


    Can you delete this album. and artist page please.

    I delete all tracks but its still available



    I'm working with Planet Function, and the artist The Plea.

    The only track that should feature on is "Praise Be", please delete the following, that have been uploaded by someone else (I can't find an option to do this in Music Manager, or any explanation in the Help / FAQ's)

    Nothin' But Trouble'+But+Trouble

    Nothing But Trouble


    Beatnik Street

    Forever Gone

    Many thanks!!!!!

    No, Tomorrow Never Knows was NOT a James Bond film.
  • removal of album

    Hello, PLEASE could you remove my album 'how could i (limited edition)' - being a limited edition, i would like to keep it that way.

    Thank You.

    • traaf sa...
    • Användare
    • 28 jan 2011, 19:36
    could you delete these 3 albums
    i am trying to edit them but can not have any authorization cause they are already existing... :/

    i am not the artist, i am managing netlabel vault106
    Madame B joined our label and i do boring stuff like this for her

  • Dear Team - I know you're busy...can you delete something for me?


    Can you please delete the albums albums for me...They are stuck on my artist page!

    Its really appreciated,

    Many Thanks


  • a little frustrtaed..

    i have now left numerous messages and email to the staff for the removal of one of my albums. it baffles me that i'm unable to remove my own work. i understand that is run by a few number of people, and apologies if this seems like a personal attack...

    if this album can be removed asap, i would be most grateful.

    (here's hoping!)


    • aalexxxx sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 feb 2011, 23:36
    Can someone delete my album please? I have removed the tracks, but it still shows up in the wiki:

  • album removal

    Hi there. If this album could be removed asap it would be much appreciated.
    The artwork is wrong, has since been updated and the tracklisting is also wrong.
    I'm the artist but I am unable to delete myself as someone uploaded it without my knowledge. I'd like to update it properly with the new artwork and correct tracklist.

    • gatesnj sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 feb 2011, 21:07

    album removal

    Under the band Gates, there is an album called Total Death that is actually an album by the band G.A.T.E.S.. It appears one person has scrobbled it the wrong way and now it permanently shows up as a top album. Any way to delete it or auto correct it to the right band?

  • Album removal

    Hello. Can you please delete the "Flux Ep" and the "Untitled Album" please?

  • Album Removal


    I am the copyright owner of this album and its music and it needs to be deleted immediately. Thank you very much!

    Paul Alfonso

    Paul Alfonso
    Sweat & Bullets
    • moldigty sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 feb 2011, 14:46

    Delete this album please

    please could you delete the album Gomet - Gomet
    (I am the owner in autoproduction of this)

    Thanks in advance

  • Please delete this album. I am the artist. Thank you

    Leticia CastanedaUltitled Album

  • Please delete this album. I am the artist. Thank you

  • can you please remove this album? thanks

    I really need this album to be removed. Thanks for the help,


  • Please Delete This Album!

    Please remove this album ASAP:

    We've only recently taken control of a page we didn't start and this album was a cute halloween thing that has usurped our entire station. We would enver have uploaded it. Thank you!

    All the Best,

    The Zou

  • Please Delete This Album!

    This was uploaded by me, but can not delete from my music manager.
    please delete it thanks

  • Please Delete This Album!

    I have one album up and only one track on it. I didn't know you could just upload songs solo. If I knew that before hand I wouldn't have done so. If one of the admins would be so kind could you delete my 'album' "Remélangez" located here

    "Nothing is written in stone. Until it is."
  • Please Delete

    I can see empty albums in my profile, but I am unable to edit them ??????
    Can you delete all but the 'Fallen' album please.
    Only 'Fallen' Should be there.
    This needs to be fixed.

    Gary (Dassunser)


    I am a new member and I have to say I have not found the directions here that straightforward. I erroneously uploaded tracks without the correct metadata and need to remove them and upload the correct versions. This seems to be impossible from the music manager. I have decided to DELETE the whole album and start again!

    PLEASE DELETE the following album:
    In the Shadows of Roasting Spring
    by Barbara Hills

    Having read all of the above I would urge Last fm to make the control of material easier. It would really help to have a simple, straighforward system for artists and labels to delete material.

    I also agree with couer-casse above as regards solo tracks. Why are we not given the choice to upload albums OR single tracks from the beginning. In fact, how DO I upload a solo track?

    If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.


    Barbara Hills

  • How do I upload a single as opposed to an album?

    The tracks are now deleted. To upload a single as opposed to an album I am assuming that I just leave the 'title' box blank and upload one track? Right?

  • Deletion Request


    I've uploaded an album under a misspelled name. The name I originally entered was P.A.LA.S and the album was "Fischer Endgame". So, trying to make amends, I created a second artist with the right name P.A.L.A.S. and uploaded the same album.

    Any chance I can get the artist (P.A.LA.S) and that album removed? The one that's up now (P.A.L.A.S.) is the right one I want to use.

    All this hassle over a missing full-stop. :P

    - Brian

  • Request for deletion


    I've uploaded some songs to test if it is working. I deleted them, but now the songs and the albums are still there can you delete them for me?

    Maybe you can Delete this Act too because it is the wrong spelling. So i made a second with the correct spelling.

    Many thaks to you
    in advance jjmusic

    • l3anyan sa...
    • Användare
    • 5 apr 2011, 17:10

  • PLEASE,PLEASE DELETE THIS ALBUM and let me in to manage my catalogues!

    I am feeling very dispirited! I am trying to manage two artist catalogues and I don't seem to be able to get things off the ground at all. I am only being allowed into one and this one has an album uploaded in error which I wish to delete! The delete bins just don't work. I delete tracks over and over again, click 'save changes' and they are still there! PLEASE delete the album 'In the Shadows of Roasting Spring' from the catalogue of Barbara Delarbre. It does not belong there! If I am ever allowed to manage the other catalogue (Barbara Hills) I could upload the correct tracks there, where they do belong! At the moment I am locked out of my label page 'House in the Wood Productions' and also out of the catalogue of Barbara Hills. I am hoping this is only for verification purposes but the Barbara Delarbre page was the last I set up and seems to be the first I can enter as long as I don't actually want to edit anything. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP as this really does not seem to be working.

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