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About somebody else tags removing

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    Redigerad av maxfarnea den 23 apr 2012, 14:58
  • I've looked at the profile that tagged it 'gayrock', and there's nothing to suggest they were trying to be abusive - they have no history of posting abusive tags. They also marked your track 'Slow Motion' as a loved track. This seems to be a sincere tag.

    In any case, if it's only been tagged once then the best thing to do is tag all of your tracks with tags you think best represent your music, and encourage others to do the same. Tagging works on the premise that the majority of people will be right (whether the artist agrees with them or not), in spite of one or two incorrect tags, and we have spam filters in place to prevent excessive vandalism.

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    Redigerad av maxfarnea den 23 apr 2012, 14:32
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    • 21 apr 2012, 23:52
    maxfarnea: I have the same problem, i can´t delete tags and there are completely different genre to me, but they wan´t to change that Cobalto

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    Redigerad av maxfarnea den 23 apr 2012, 14:33
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