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How many GB of music do you have?

  • 1.78 tbs, mostly in flac, probably have more on some of my other hds.

    need a new hd blahhhhh

  • 40.48

    I deleted a lot of stuff I don't listen to, and not all that I listen to I have. I'm not a music hoarder, and I've listened to almost all of what I have. Much more and I get overwhelmed. I'm a minimalist at heart, but I do LOVE my music :)

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    • 12 mar 2012, 10:25
    Not a lot, I think I only have around 20 in total. 13.22 on iTunes, the rest on my external hard-drive.

  • Only 10.28 currently, on my previous HDD I had approaching 70GB or so and I wiped 30GB off over the summer which I now regret doing.

    Lost a hell of a lot of diversity from my playlist.

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    • 12 mar 2012, 15:59
    About 14GB's.And many more at another HDDs and DVDs

  • 20 GB'S, but I delete albums or bands I don't listen to

  • 50.8 GB

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  • About 14 GB, since this is a new computer =)

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  • 65, and ever climbing. xD

  • 290GB, ~43 000 tracks
    Mostly in MP3, but I'm trying to slowly change stuff to flac

    • Sarguer sa...
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    • 14 mar 2012, 16:02
    90-ish, all mp3 in various bitrates, mostly in the higher end of the spectrum. I tend to delete music I've lost interest in so as to not bloat my music folder excessively.

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  • I have 84 GB, but it's all stuff I actually listen to. I'm not some insane music hoarder who has a lot of music for the sole purpose of telling people I have a lot of music.

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    • 1 apr 2012, 20:40

    I'd not heard all the artists / albums, but when peoples recommend to me something i get it and listen to it in some day. I have folders to every genres so if i want to hear something new stuff from some genre i just pic up something and if it is shitty music, i delete it. And then i have some stuff what my friends like to listen (but i don't) so i keep those in the USB-hard drive and get those when they come stop by and want to listen to that shit blahblah

    • warrigo sa...
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    • 1 apr 2012, 21:04
    103.4 GB

  • 187.83 GB

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  • 105.2 GB

    • 2bloo4U sa...
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    • 4 apr 2012, 01:20
    13.35 GB according to iTunes.

    There's a bit more than that on my computer though. There are a few albums I've deleted from iTunes that are still on my computer.

  • verging on 2TB of lossless music

    That's right, I have been digitising my entire collection and that of my friends as well. Everything is lossless FLAC and/or M4A. The library contains Jazz, Classical, Vocals, Opera, Rock, Pop, World.

    It comforting to know that I have all different music and recordings of pieces in quality sound. Hard drive storage is so economical these days, so why not?

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  • 31.45gb but I'm trying to reduce it atm to below 29 so I can fit it all on my ipod!

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    • 26 maj 2012, 16:15
    21,4. I actually thought I had more.

  • 10.81 gb as of today, 1248 songs.

    Had close to 100 gb at one point, but I deleted it all because I wanted to start over and explore how my taste has developed. I still do triage every now and then and delete stuff I end up not liking

  • I've got like 400 GB of music if I include all the E.P.'s I have which I use for my DJ'ing.

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    - Victor Hugo
  • 2 terabytes

    and growing all the time Jahstone Radio

  • 46,16GB overall but the playlist I listen to usually has 20,41GB and that's what I usually count.

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