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Post some lyrics to the song you're currently listening to.

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    • 2 apr 2012, 22:43
    A phlúr na maighdean is úire gné
    thug clú le scéimh ón Ádhamhchlainn,
    A chúl na bpéarlaí, a rún na héigse,
    dhúblíos féile 's fáilte,
    a ghnúis mar ghréin i dtús gach lae ghil
    mhúcha léan léan le gáire,
    's é mo chumhaidh gan mé 's tú, a shiúr, linn féin
    sa dún sin Chéin mhic Cáinte.

    (Eng: Most beautiful of maidens with the fairest complexion,
    who has surpassed all others in beauty,
    O girl with the pearly-headed hair, beloved of poets,
    who increases generosity and welcome,
    your face, like the sun at the beginning of a bright day,
    quenches sorrow with a laugh,
    alas my girl that we are not alone together
    in the fort of Cian Mac Cáinte.)

    Táim brúite i bpéin, gan suan gan néal,
    de do chumhaidhse, a ghéag is áille,
    's gur tú mo roghain i gcúighibh Éireann,
    cúis nach séanaim ás de;
    dá siúlfá a réalt gan smúid, liom féin
    ba súgach saor ár sláinte—
    gheobhair plúr is méad is cnuasach craobh
    sa dún sin Chéin mhic Cáinte.

    (I am in pain and unable to sleep
    because I am pining for you, most beautiful one,
    and you are my choice from all over Ireland,
    I do not deny it at all;
    O faultless star, if you would only walk away with me,
    fair and free would our state be —
    you'll have the best and plenty and fruit
    in the fort of Cian Mac Cáinte.)

    Cluinfir uaill na ngadhar ar luas i ndéidh
    Bhriain luaimnigh bearnaigh mhásaigh
    is fuaim guth béilbhinn cuach is smaolach
    go suairc ar ghéaga in altaibh;
    i bhfuarlinn tséimh chífir slua-bhuíon éisc
    ag ruagadh a chéile ar snámh ann,
    's an cuan go léir dhuit uait igcéin
    ó nua-chnoc Chéin mhic Cáinte.

    (You'll hear the dogs bark as they follow
    the strong running hare,
    and the sweet-voiced singing of cuckoo and thrush
    merrily on branches in the glens;
    in a smooth cold lake you'd see a host of fish
    as they chase each other in swimming
    and the sea in front of you, far away
    from the fresh hill of Cian Mac Cáinte.)

    A rún mo chléibh, nach mar súd ab fhearr dhuit
    tús do shaoil a chaitheamh liom?—
    's ní i gclúid faoi léan ag túirscín bréan
    i gcionn túirne 's péire cardaí;
    gheobar ciúl na dtéad le lúth na méar
    do do dhúscadh 's dréachta grá fós —
    níl dún faoin ngréin chomh súgach aerach
    le hÚrchnoc Chéin mhic Cáinte.

    ( O my sweetheart, would you not like
    To spend the beginning of your life with me like that? —
    and not pine in a hovel with a stinking boor,
    spinning and carding wool.
    You'll have harp-music played with swift fingers
    to wake you and love songs —
    there is no fort as happy and full of fun
    as the fresh hill of Cian Mac Cáinte.)

    A shuaircbhean tséimh na gcuachfholt péarlach,
    gluais liom féin ar ball beag,
    tráth is buailte cléir is tuataí i néal
    'na suan faoi éadaí bána;
    ó thuaidh go mbéam i bhfad uathu araon
    teacht nua-chruth gréine amárach,
    gan ghuais le chéile in uaigneas aerach
    san uaimh sin Chéin mhic Cáinte.

    (Gentle happy woman of the curling, pearly hair,
    come with me soon,
    while clergy and people are fast asleep
    under white bedclothes;
    let's be off to the north away from them all
    when the sun's new form rises tomorrow;
    we'll be far from danger in happy solitude
    in the hollow of Cian Mac Cáinte.)

    (An Cailín)
    (The girl answers)

    Beir uaim do phléid cé gur luaigh tú céad ní —
    Nós a bhfuil spéis ag a lán ann —
    Is an duais is fearr nó uallaí séad
    Níor chuala mé thú ag trácht air;
    Tuatha saora, buaibh is caoraigh,
    Is cruacha péarlaí i bpálais
    Mar luach ní ghéabhainn uait is gan gléas
    In am suain le ndéantar páiste.

    (Away with your whining, though you mention a hundred things —
    a habit many people have —
    but the prize that is better than heaps of treasure
    I did not hear you talk about;
    I wouldn't accept noble lands, cattle, and sheep,
    or piles of pearls in palaces
    from you if you had no instrument
    to make a child at bedtime.)

    Stephanie Makem - Urchnoc Chéin Mhic Cháinte (The Lover's Invitation)

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    • 3 apr 2012, 23:51
    In the name of addiction, cadaver love song
    If your needin' a villain, baby I’m your blonde
    either sour upon wings of light or slither down low
    I am all things to all men, As long as I get the dough
    let’s make a new myth out of you
    let’s keep a souvenir, like your tattoo
    my hands are heading south, getting vicious
    your body in my mouth, devilicious

    In the name of the flesh, name of debauchery
    twisted majik in black laced tied all over me
    tonight’s menu covers a multitude of sin
    don’t think I am an Angel, just because I have wings
    loving that organ baby, and not you

  • Murder dem...
    Murder dem.

    Team Murder
    by Renard

    • G-DOG92 sa...
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    • 4 apr 2012, 02:23
    This morning on the harbour
    When I said goodbye to you
    I remember how I swore
    That I'd come back to you one day
    And as the sunset came to meet
    The evening on the hill
    I told you I'd always love you
    I always did and I always will

    Fare thee well gone away
    There's nothing left to say
    'cept to say adieu
    To your eyes as blue
    As the water in the bay

    IMO some of the greatest lines ever written.

    The Body of an American

  • into the spectrelight, into the after life...

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  • I lay around on a rainy day
    Ashing in the sheets
    Hold them down and just fade away
    Happy little feet
    I want to try to drown whatever's happening to me
    I walk with out a sound, Charlie Chaplin on the beat

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    • 4 apr 2012, 13:51
    gravity will destroy you

  • grab my crotch, whats my name
    been round the block
    hangin scumbag slangin
    pay dirt cave in
    takin no prisoners
    no escapin wash brain hook
    nothin im sayin
    aye, aye, know what im sayin

    Death Grips "The Fever (Aye Aye)"

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  • Traicionado por el patrón
    A la chingada
    Con poder de el infierno
    ¡Venganza! ¡Lo pagarás!

    Regresando odio
    Trato con demonios
    Regresando odio
    Trato con demonios

    Pendejo sacerdote
    Crees que me mataste
    ¡Pa' bañarme en tu sangre!
    Te destrozare

    Regresando odio
    Trato con demonios
    Regresando odio
    Trato con demonios
    Trae me los, ¡ya!

    Regresando odio
    by Asesino

  • Do you remember me?
    And the kid I used to be?
    Do you remember me?

    When your world comes crashing down
    I want to be there.
    (If God is looking down on me)

    I’m not Jesus,
    Jesus wasn’t there!

    You confess it all away,
    But it don't mean shit to me
    (If God is looking down on me)

    I’m not Jesus,
    I will not forgive!

    Apocalyptica - I'm Not Jesus

    Crazy? I was crazy once, I had my own padded room.
    Then the worms came….Worms? I hate worms, they drive me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once…

    -Sometimes you make me so mad that I want to throw you in the middle of on-going cars. But then I realize, I would probably kill myself just to save you...-
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    • 6 apr 2012, 12:13
    Hey folks heres the story bout minnie the moocher
    She was a lowdown hoocie coocher
    She was the roughest toughest frail
    But minnie had a heart as big as a whale

    Hidehidehidehi (hidehidehidehi)
    Hodehodehodeho (hodehodehodeho)
    Hedehedehedehe (hedehedehedehe)
    Hidehidehideho (hidehidehideho)

    She messed around with a bloke named smokie
    She loved him though he was cokey
    He took her down to chinatown
    And showed her how to kick the gong around

    Hidehidehidehi (hidehidehidehi)
    Whoah (whoah)
    Hedehedehedehe (hedehedehedehe)
    A hidehidehideho (hidehidehideho)

    She had a dream about the king of sweden
    He gave her things that she was needin
    He gave her a home built of gold and steel
    A diamond car with platinum wheels

    A hidehidehidehidehidehidehi (hidehidehidehidehidehidehi)
    Hodehodehodehodehodehodeho (hodehodehodehodehodehodeho)

    He gave her his townhouse and his racing horses
    Each meal she ate was a dozen courses
    Had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes
    She sat around and counted them all a million times

    Hidehidehidehi (hidehidehidehi)
    Hodehodehodeho (hodehodehodeho)
    Hedehedehedehe (hedehedehedehe)
    Hidehidehideho (hidehidehideho)

    Cab Calloway - Minnie the Moocher

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  • See the four-faced boy...
    See the man with 17 testicles...
    See the child stand back and look into the infinite void...
    You... Young man...Come forward...
    See the vagina-faced lady...
    Two for one...
    Indeed... I am your host, Ziltoid the Omniscient...
    Ladies and Gentlemen...

    My goal in this world is only to vacate the human mind...
    And twice now towards the sky, the men on the trampoline, the Flying Mangee Brothers, yes, flatulence, ladies and gentlemen free of charge. Remember your admission ticket to get one ...

    The Mighty Masturbator
    by Devin Townsend

  • Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Funny Time of Year

    These silent words of conversation
    Hold me now this adulation
    See me now
    Oh it's easy now

    Falling like a silent paper
    Holding on to what may be

    And I only hear
    Only hear the rain

    And many rains turn to rivers
    Winter's here
    And there ain't nothing gonna change
    The winds are blowing telling me all I hear
    Oh it's a funny time of year
    There'll be no blossom on the trees

    Turning now I see no reason
    The voice of love so out of season
    I need you now
    But you can't see me now
    I'm travelling with no destination
    Still hanging on to what may be

    It's a funny time of year
    I can see
    There'll be no blossom on the trees
    And time spent cryin' has taken me in this year
    Oh it's a funny time of year
    There'll be no blossom on the trees

    Falling like a silent paper
    Holding on to what may be
    It's a funny time of year

    I can see
    There'll be no blossom on the trees
    And time spent cryin' has taken me in this year

    It's a funny time of year
    I can see no blossom no blossom on the trees

    Falling like a silent paper
    Holding on to what may be
    It's a funny time of year

    I can see
    There'll be no blossom on the trees
    And time spent cryin' has taken me in this year

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 apr 2012, 19:00
    Lifelover-Stängt P.G.A. Semester

    Vem behöver glädjas åt sig själv, när vi kan skratta åt andra?
    Vem behöver ha ett syfte, när det är urvattnat och saknar mening?
    Vem behöver säga att "Jag mår bra", när ändå ytan är det viktiga?

    Who need to be happy about their selves, when we can laugh at others?
    Who needs a purpose, when it’s all dried up and lacks meaning?
    Who needs to say “I feel good”, when the surface is what counts?

  • You put your faith in Odin and Thor
    We put ours in cannons and whores
    Your viking gods won't save you now
    When pirates strike from the starboard bow

    Back Through Time
    by Alestorm

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    • 9 apr 2012, 19:19
    And you said
    It was like fire around the brim
    Burning solid
    Burning thin the burning rim
    Like stars burning holes right through the dark
    Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes
    You were one inch from the edge of this bed
    I drag you back a sleepyhead, sleepyhead

    They couldn't think of something to say the day you burst
    With all their lions and all their might and all their thirst
    They crowd your bedroom like some thoughts wearing thin
    Against the walls against your rules against your skin
    My beard grew down to the floor and out through the doors
    Of your eyes but go in disguise like a sleepyhead, sleepyhead

    Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

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    • 9 apr 2012, 19:23
    I am the ash in your filled up ashtray
    I am the forgotten minced meat – far back in your refrigerator
    I am the fat that’s stuck on your pizza plate
    I am the hair that’s stuck in your sink

    You, me and my arsenal of weapons
    It seems you’ve accepted your fate
    The stench of your urine in my face
    You coward piece of shit, if you play with matches –
    There can be a fire!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 11 apr 2012, 08:05
    Why can't you hear me ?
    I'm screaming with out words.
    I am just sitting here,
    Waiting for you,
    Waiting for you to come home ...

  • This is no ordinary demon
    I've been down this road before
    Driven by the wounds I couldn't hide

    I know exactly where it goes
    So I guess there's no tomorrow
    And I can't remember yesterday

  • Ancient Rites – Exile (Les litanies de Satan)

    Oh Thou, the most savage of angels
    God only judges mild
    Those who chant songs to his praise
    Oh Prince of exile...

    To whom in every tale done wrong
    (but who) after defeat, always redresses more strong

    Like a patron saint of
    Heavens rejected souls
    Distinctively closer to
    Humanity Thou art
    Connected to
    Mother earth more profound

    Oh Thou fallen angel of gloom, joyfully I join thy side
    Even if this means eternal fire, I embrace thy kingdom of night

    Exile, exile!!!!!

    Wandering in Thy wastelands
    Far away from the heavenly autocrat
    Close to Thee I chose to repose
    Liberated from God's wrath

    A temple raised for the ones like us
    With plentiful room for science
    A shelter for creative minds
    To dream away in silence...

    Oh Thou fallen angel of gloom, joyfully I join thy side
    Even if this means eternal fire, I embrace thy kingdom of night

  • she knows what i am but she won't believe me
    is it all okay, will i come off the lightest
    i can't believe it, it's always like this

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