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songs won't scrobble, but they're cached...?

  • songs won't scrobble, but they're cached...?

    so I looked at my profile for the first time in a long time and my last scrobbled track was in October. I've certainly listened to music on my computer since then, and I've checked to see if scrobbling is enabled and it is. I went to help > diagnostics and it has a list of 793 tracks that are cached.

    it says-
    Submission server status: OK
    Last succesful connection: 19/1/2011

    I hit "reconnect" but all it does is bring up my preferences.

    Um... help? I did the trouble shooting and checked the FAQs and nothing has helped.

  • i haven't been scrobbling offline though, and none of my cached tracks get added to my profile

  • I'm also having, more or less, the same problem. Although this only occurred a day or two ago, no month gaps. Same as growgrowsnow, I checked the server status, it says ok, and I have almost 200 songs cached. Song shows up on the scrobbler, scrobbles - but nothing on the profile since. For anyone else with this problem, it may be related to what's going on here:

  • *I don't do any offline scrobbling either.

  • aaah i finnaly found a thread with someone that has the exact same problem my girlfriend has, she uses Itunes + MAC OS, we worked through the FAQ and the troubleshooting thread etc, nothing helped so far. also last week it did work for one day suddenly after a month, then the next morning they were cached but not on her profile
    + when shes playing music it does show up on the site but it won't be remembered in recently played or her library, and it says scrobbling now from Scrobbler instead of Scrobbling now from Itunes... (plz help it's really bothering me now cause we had a tease that it worked couple days ago for one day, so we know it's able -.-)
    (and not offline scrobbling either lol)


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