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iPod scrobbling problem (iTunes plug-in 3.0.4)

  • heya...

    i wonder if anyone wants to help me.

    Yesterday I bought a macbook. I just installed the scrobbler and it works just find. But I just wanted to sync my iPhone but there I seem to get no recognition . I always worked with windows and am now about to learn the mac world, that's why I can't handle this probably tiny problem.
    With windows I used to manage my iPhone myself due to some problems. I now got it on automatically syncing but when i go to configs i can't see the iPhone nor my iPod.
    Anyone understands my problem and is able to help? I'd be very grateful (:

  • And another iTunes update for Mac which causes problems with the scrobbler. Really awful service, Last.FM. I'm totally disappointed by you. Hope to give us really working update of the s**tty software.

    • bioariel sa...
    • Användare
    • 25 jan 2012, 08:43

    I surrender...

    Tried all the ¨pinned¨ threads on the forums and didn´t work.
    Sent an email a couple of months ago with the logfile attached and still no reply.
    In the meantime I got a new computer so i thought it would be fixed, but still no scrobbles.
    Can I even get direct costumer support?

  • Edit: Nevermind. I figured out the scrobbler was picking up scrobbles that were older than 2 weeks (sometimes almost a full year old lol).

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 feb 2012, 17:21

    maybe this works... (maybe not, or not for long)

    I've been pissing around with this on and off over the last weeks, losing a huge amount of scrobbles but not worrying too much, and came back to it yesterday trying to sort it out (coz it is irritating, innit?). This, after thinking about it, watching it, and reading a bit on this and other threads, is what I've come up with, and seems to work, I don't really know why, but....

    Maybe it won't keep working, that remains to be seen...

    I kept having that ' ready for scrobbling' again and again, which I thought was only supposed to happen the first time, which suggested it wasn't being recognised that this had already been done, and it was going back to scratch every time, and then not scrobbling shit because it will only scrobble what is played after this first set up (which happens again and again). Don't know if that picture is correct, but...

    Anyway, what I do is:

    not connect my ipod

    open itunes (ipod not connected)

    connect ipod when itunes is already running and has stopped 'getting ready for scrobbling'

    then go to the client, select 'help' and then 'diagnostics'

    then click the button at the top right that says 'scrobble ipod'.

    Thas worked every time i've done it over the past few days. Hopefully will keep doing so. I think every one of those steps is essential, because otherwise it doesn't seem to work, but maybe some part of it isn't necessary, I don't know.

    Of course, this shouldn't work until it's already happened once that you opened itunes with the ipod connected and it set it up the first time, and then you disconnected it and listened to something on the ipod. It won't scrobble anything you played before the first time itunes got 'ready for scrobbling'

    I have to add to this, though, that when I go to 'tools' then 'options' then 'ipod' in the client, it shows two ipods configured with the client (there is and was only one). One is diagnostic/unknown and the other is iphone/blahblahblah (random numbers and letters). Maybe if this wasn't the case it wouldn't work.

    Maybe all this weirdness will give some whizzkid software nerd/hipster a clue about what's at the root of this problem and how to easily or at least consistently get around it or maybe even fix it.

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 feb 2012, 17:25

    sorry, forgot to say..

    between ''connect ipod when itunes is already running and has stopped 'getting ready for scrobbling' '' and ''then go to the client, select 'help' and then 'diagnostics' ''

    I synced the ipod.

    So after it's got ready, sync it, then go to diagnostics and 'scrobble ipod'. whether the syncing makes any difference, i'm not sure. haven't experimented enough, but worked just now, and a couple of other times over the last few days. It's only right now that I realised what precise combination is working.

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 feb 2012, 15:18


    sorry, already not working. maybe all the same the above will give some people a clue. interesting today that when I click 'scrobble ipod' in 'diagnostics' it tells me it's detected another instance of the ipod scrobbler and is therefore aborting. I figure this is because it is showing the one ipod as two.

    I've removed both associations from the client, and am trying to start over again.

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 11 feb 2012, 10:15
    I can only say this now: I did two main things.

    I ran the installation again and chose 'repair'.

    Also I, under 'tools-options-ipod' selected 'always confirm ipod scrobbles'.

    I also noticed the selection for either 'itunes automatically manages my ipod' or 'i manually manage my ipod' under 'help-diagnostics', though that was set as it should be because I took the reccomendation from that doing it automatically is better.

    The selection of 'always confirm ipod scrobbles' is theirs too.

    What happens is that if I connect the ipod and let itunes start automatically, or if I open itunes when the ipod is connected, i get a message 'your scrobbles are being determined...' instead of the 'preparing for scrobbling' that happened every time but should have only happened the first time (when I saw this, for the first time, I knew something was going better).

    Then you need to wait quite a while and eventually the window appears that asks you to confirm scrobbles.

    I've found that if itunes is already open when I connect the ipod, even if I sync it, I need to go to 'help-diagnostics-scrobble ipod' to make this happen; it doesn't do it automatically.

    Basically, so far it's done this automatically if the ipod is connected first, and you need to go to diagnostics and 'scrobble ipod' if itunes is open first (after you've synced, of course, otherwise the playcount hasn't updated).

    So, I'm still not sure which was the key thing.

    Maybe opting to confirm the scrobbles. Though before occasionally it would work even if this wasn't selected, but generally only the first time I scrobbled, and if I went to 'help-diagnostics-scrobble ipod'.

    Maybe also making sure that the option is set under 'help-diagnostics' corresponds with how your itunes manages ipod (manually or automatically). But then it already was set at 'automatic', when I had it running automatically.

    Maybe simply having it set to manage the ipod automatically. But I reckon I had that before too.

    Maybe just that I 'repaired' the installation (though I don't think there was actually any real fault with the installation, an alternative scrobble (which didn't and still doesn't work) told me there was a fault and to do this, but it still tells me it now. Probably simply because it's designed for an earlier verion of itunes. So it seems this was not a problem and made no difference, but you never know.

    Maybe it was a combination of some or all of these.

    Maybe some fluke - something unrelated. Hopefully it'll become clear later. Maybe this will give you clues, or help you get it working anyway, even if the reasons are unclear.

    I should also maybe point out that it still shows two ipods, as I mentioned above (diagnostic/unknown and the other is iphone/blahblahblah (random numbers and letters) and this isn't causing any problem now.

    So basically I suggest choosing for ipod to be managed automatically, choosing to confirm the scrobbles manually, making sure the client is told that it's automatic, and making sure your itunes is not running when you connect the ipod. Then it all happens by itself until you have to confirm the scrobbles. Otherwise you need to go to diagnostics and scrobble manually with the button there.

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 feb 2012, 12:18


    Soon enough, being shit again. Telling me it's 'preparing' my ipod, yet again, every time I connect. Then after a LONG wait, eventually giving me 'no scrobbles were found', which is natural of course, because it's counting the difference in play count between when it 'prepared' my ipod for the 'first time' (no, the first time was a long ago, it shouldn't be doing this), which was just a few minutes ago. Why is it doing that? It's prepared it already. Time to stop. I think it's to do with the timing, maybe. Maybe it I set it to not open itunes when I connect it, then I need itunes closed, then connect the ipod, give it some time, then open itunes. Mmmm? Probably useless.

    Is there anyone there with a clue about this?

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 feb 2012, 12:23

    maybe i'm wrong

    someone in another thread says the opposite:
    sazzlekins said:
    I was having the same issue but find that I have to open iTunes first then connect the iPod. It will sync as normal (if iTunes automatically manages) and will pick up your scrobbles.
    I'll have to play around with both variants. I suspect it's just erratic shit and there isn't one consistent solution.

    • toreos sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 feb 2012, 09:56
    Just wanted to say thanks very much, was having some problems since the last update of itunes and this topic helped. Thanks again.

  • old ipods one doesnt?

    what i find odd is that my original nano and original ipod video still work perfectly. i plug them in, start itunes, all my recent scrobbles pop up.

    however, with my ipod touch that is not the case. it says 'no scrobbles found' every so often (at random intervals), but if i manually scrobble it through the diag, that works fine.

    • Siouxlex sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 feb 2012, 14:29


    I downloaded iScrob for the ipod touch. It is free though it has adds. It is a skin on top of the player and scrobbles in real time through a wifi connection. Now I have to find out how I can get it to work with my car. :-)

  • Any news? I still can't scrobble from iPod since the latest update from Itunes.

    • davess sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 feb 2012, 09:43
    toreos said:
    Just wanted to say thanks very much, was having some problems since the last update of itunes and this topic helped. Thanks again.

    If you figured something reliable out, I hope you can share it with us.

    I personally have gone back to using 'lastpod'. Don't know why I stopped using it in the first place. Thought using the setup would be better, I guess. Turned out to be wrong.

  • Please give the new beta client a try.

    There's a couple of known issues though:

    - There is an issue with scrobbling a 5th Gen iPod Video
    - If you're on PC, rename:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\\spldrivers


    C:\Program Files (x86)\\sqldrivers

    • moooodle sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 feb 2012, 21:35
    Hi, I don't know if this will help anybody but after hours and hours of messing around I have just got mine iPod touch scrobbling! It hadn't scrobbled anything since I got it a week ago but on reading older posts I thought I would try changing the syncing options. I use a Mac so I went into itunes > preferences > devices and then I ticked the box "Prevent iPods from syncing automatically". Open itunes, plug in iPod, go to file and sync ipod manually and then after syncing is complete the scrobbles appear! Seriously can't believe I have got it working. Btw I manually manage my iPod also. Hope this helps some people.

  • Recently I formated my hard drive and set up everything from scratch. I hoped to send my scrobbles from my nano 5, but now it doesn't work. I repaired iTunes,, plugin (obviously I scrobbled in diagnostics). Moreover, I listen to most of music by iPod, so I'm a bit.. disappointed.

    I won't sync my iPod automatically, because I don't want whole my library on my iPod (it's not enough space in addition). I consider resetting my iPod. I don't know.

    • DrBlur sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 mar 2012, 18:50
    It worked totally fine for me until frustrating! I'm using a Mac as well. Really annoying.

  • arrggh i'm hating this sofwtare more than never!! I cant scrobble from my ipoooood

  • Hey guys. My post is three lines up there. I know you are frustrated, annoyed and resignes and so was I. I just want to say that it didn't work and now somehow it does. It found my scrobbles. Recently I plugged another iPhone to my computer, maybe this shaked scrobbler out. Now I plugged my iPod, I was doing nothing, when I was shown a popup that it's counting my scrobbles.. and.. found 19.

    I don't really know whether it will work further. Just good luck. Sorry for english.

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