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    The posts below are about an old version of our desktop client. There is now a new 2.0 version which will get a new "Known Issues" topic.

    This is a list of common known problems with the most current release of the client (Scrobbler), version

    For more help with the Scrobbler, please do also have a look at the Scrobbler FAQ and the Troubleshooting for Problems Scrobbling thread. If you have problems scrobbling your iPod, please see iPod Scrobbling FAQ and the Howt-to and Troubleshooting thread.

    Before you post about a new problem, please don't forget to read this thread: PLEASE READ before posting in this forum: The Scrobbler

    Thank you!

    Problems scrobbling your iPod since upgrading to iOS5.

    A workaround is available here:

    Problems scrobbling since the last client update (Windows).

    Please check the latest update available from here.

    Problems scrobbling on Mac operating systems since updating to the latest version of iTunes/iOS4

    We have now pushed the update necessary to fix this live. Just restart your client to update to the latest version/or download it from here.


    Sound card error with Windows 7

    Some users have reported the error "Your sound card is either busy or not present. Try restarting the application" when trying to use the client on Windows 7, although there are no problems with their sound cards.

    If you're getting this error, check if you have the client pinned to the taskbar and if yes, try unpinning it from there and opening it from somewhere else instead (e.g. the start menu).

    "Track set in directory not to scrobble" error when using iTunes

    If you get this error when scrobbling what you play with iTunes, you'll need check if the program folder the client is installed in (normally this is C: \Program Files\ is set to not scrobble, and if yes, set it to scrobble as well. This problem has been occurring since the iTunes update to version 8.2.

    Note that if you set the program folder to scrobble, it will scrobble music from all your folders, including directories you have set not to scrobble.

    Compatibility with foobar 1.0

    If you update to foobar2000 1.0, you may need to re-install the client's plugin for foobar2000 0.9.4, which works with v1.0 as well.
    In the client, go to Tools > Get Plugin... and add foobar and download the 0.9.4 plugin in the following steps.

    Scrobbling from an Ipod touch may give you exaggerated scrobbles.

    There is a known issue with ipod touch in that play counts are massively exaggerated in itunes. Hopefully Apple will address the issue in a forthcoming update.

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