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iPod Scrobbling: How-to and Troubleshooting

  • iPod Scrobbling: How-to and Troubleshooting

    This thread is to explain how iPod Scrobbling with the Scrobbler works and which various error messages you might come across.
    Please read this thread carefully before starting a new thread about iPod Scrobbling in this forum!

    There are two ways of managing your iPod, which Apple explains here. Please read through this if you are unsure of what is the best option for you. (We always recommend letting iTunes automatically manage your iPod!)

    How do I scrobble my automatically managed iPod? supports all iPods, Firewire and USB, including iPhone and iPod Touch. However, Linux iPod scrobbling does not yet support iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Windows and Mac: To scrobble your iPod, you need to have the latest version of our Scrobbler installed along with the latest version of iTunes, which is currently iTunes 10.

    To start using the Scrobbler for scrobbling tracks played on your iPod, you need to make sure your iPod is synced with iTunes.
    The first time you connect your iPod with installed, set up for your user account and running, a message will pop up near the system tray icon to notify you that your iPod will be scrobbled from now on.
    (All new plays since your last iTunes sync will get scrobbled, this will however not import your iPod's listening history! If you want to import your media player's listening history, please refer to this FAQ!)

    Disconnect your iPod, listen to some tracks, and connect it again. Now iTunes will sync with it and update its internal play counts with any new plays on the iPod. Once iTunes is done, will analyse iTunes's newly updated play counts to find out whether there were any new plays on the iPod. This could take a while. If new tracks were found, they will be scrobbled to your profile.

    By default you won't be asked to confirm your iPod scrobbles, but in case you always want to confirm them (which we recommend!), you can enable this in the iPod section of the Options (Preferences on Mac) dialog in the Scrobbler.

    Linux: You can scrobble with Linux using the “scrobble iPod” item in the “Tools” menu in the latest version of our software.

    After you have synced your iPod with iTunes, iPod scrobbles may take up to 20 minutes to appear on your profile.
    You can check your submissions history by going to your profile page, and clicking on the title “Recently Listened Tracks”, which will let you see your past submissions.

    How do I scrobble my manually managed iPod?

    Manually managed iPods require you to manually transfer tracks to your iPod using iTunes. In many cases, this can lead to errors, which is why we always recommend letting iTunes automatically manage your iPod.
    You can only scrobble manual iPods after the first time they are synced with iTunes.
    If you add tracks or change tags of tracks on your iPod after a sync, you should eject and plug in the iPod again to ensure those tracks will scrobble next time.

    The Scrobbler should automatically find the scrobbles and attempt to submit them. This however can take a couple of minutes. If no scrobbles come up, you can force iPod Scrobbling:
    To get your iPod plays scrobbled, you need to go to Help > Diagnostics > iPod Scrobbling in the Scrobbler and choose the option "I manually manage my iPod". Your plays should get listed in the window below, which you can then scrobble.

    "Com Error: Com couldn't get file path for XXX - XXX - Result Code: S_FALSE" - This error occurs, when the Scrobbler can't find a certain track in your iTunes Library. (You need to have the songs on your iPod in your iTunes library in order to scrobble them) You can read more about how to fix this error in this FAQ.

    Your tracks get scrobbled twice when listening to your manually managed iPod via iTunes - This is a known issue described in this FAQ.

    Other error messages you might come across

    "Failed to get hold of iTunes instance via COM" - This error usually occurs after installing an iTunes update.
    To fix this, you'll have to completely remove iTunes from your computer and re-install the newest version from Apple.

    "No iPod library found" - Don't worry if this error comes up. Try clearing your iPod settings in the Scrobbler, restart iTunes and the Scrobbler and then plugin your iPod again. A related thread for this issue can be found here. Please use this thread instead of starting a new one!

    Your iPod scrobbles get submitted multiple times and show the same timestamp - This behaviour is intended. You can read more about this in this FAQ.

    Whenever you scrobble your iPod, tracks you listened to a long time ago get scrobbled - Check if any of these tracks have more than one entry in your iTunes library. If so, remove the duplicate and they should stop being picked up by the iPod scrobbler.

    When you scrobble your iPod, it picks up your iTunes plays too - This is an error that sometimes comes up when the Scrobbler picks up your playcounter change in iTunes as iPod play. Unfortunately this is an iTunes error we currently can't do anything about.

    Directory set to not scrobbling error - Since the update to iTunes 8.1, you will get this error message if you don't have C > Program Files > selected for scrobbling. Unfortunately this issue can't be resolved at the moment, so please always have this folder selected for scrobbling. A related thread for this issue can be found here

    What can I do if I can't find a solution for my problem here?

    First of all make sure you have read through all 3 stickies in this forum!
    We have an extra FAQ category about iPod Scrobbling, which again explains everything in detail, so please read through it first! You can find it here as well as in the help section of our international sites.

    Before opening a new thread, use our forum search! It is very likely that your specific problem has already been discussed and your question has already been answered.

    If none of the above helped and you want to open a new thread, always include this information in your initial post as well as a detailed description of your problem:

    • What operating system exactly are you using?
    • What version of the Scrobbler do you have installed? (Lookup: In the Scrobbler under Help > About
    • What iTunes version are you using and did you recently install an update?
    • What's the version of your iTunes plugin? (Lookup: In the Scrobbler under Help > About
    • What's the iPod model you are requesting support for? (you can determine your iPod model from here)
    • Do you syncronise your iPod with iTunes manually or automatically?
    • When did you start having this problem?

    The more information you give in your thread, the quicker others will be able to help you! :)

    We can't offer support in this forum for any third party scrobblers, such as iScrobbler or iSproggler, so please refer to the Scrobbler sticky for helpful support links.

    Thank you for reading this thread! :)

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