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Using iTunes and iPod won't scrobble? Try this....

  • I followed this, but it still won't work. simply said that no ipod was found. When I went into diagnostics, it showed there being an ipod and an iphone (even though i do not have an iphone), neither of them were connected to my account.

    Also, I'm on:
    iTunes, Manually Managed
    Current version of
    80g Classic iPod

  • When I open iTunes, it takes a while for the ipod to show up on it. immediately starts checking for scrobbles though. So I get the "No Library" error, THEN the ipod appears in itunes. Is there a way to make only open when you want it to?

  • This is driving me INSANE!

    I have tried the troubleshooting from the first post on here and still I get "no library found". Clearing associations doesn't do a damn thing. I have tried the "help" and "diagnostic" tool and it seems like it wants to work, but when it click the "scrobble ipod" button it goes through the songs I have listened to only to say that it cannot find the songs in my library. I have the latest version of itunes and a 6th generation ipod classic. Running Windows 7 Home Premium. I also was trying another route by going to as one person suggested, but the website is broken. I also tried to look it up on Utorrent, but there is only one listing and it doesn't want to download. I am getting angry about the lack of support from lastfm. Shouldn't of this been patched months ago?!?!? Please help!

  • Cheers loads. Deleting the multiple associations and then plugging in the iPod to get a new one solved the problem. Found my 466 scrobbles :D

    • xuebiru sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 dec 2009, 12:17
    BiffJerky said:
    I've recently installed Windows 7 and it totally killed my iPod scrobbling. I think I have fixed it after some problems, I kept getting "no scrobbles found" or "error - iPod library not found".

    Not saying this will work for everyone but it seems to have fixed mine. Follow carefully.

    Before you start, make sure iTunes starts up when your iPod is plugged in. You can do this in iTunes, go to devices in the left column, click on your iPod and then click on the check box on the main screen saying "open iTunes when this iPod is attached". Then close iTunes. Shut down your PC.

    1) Start up PC. Do not plug in iPod and do not start up iTunes.

    2) Open up your Last.FM client.

    3) Clear user associations in Tools>Options>Ipod

    4) Make sure all boxes in this tab are ticked.

    5) Plug your iPod in, and when iTunes kicks in, go back to iPod in devices and click on sync. This will not change anything on your iPod, at least mine doesn't and I manually control what's on it. After this, close down everything and power off again.

    6) Go for a wander, take your iPod and listen to some music.

    7) Return to your PC, and switch it on. Do NOT plug in your iPod yet.

    8) Open iTunes, wait for it all to load up.

    9) Plug in your iPod. It will appear in the left column. Last.FM will tell you it's looking for scrobbles, and may then either scrobble them and present you with a list of what you've just listened to, or it may tell you than none were found.

    10) If the latter has happened, return to Last.FM (leave iTunes open) and go to Help>Diagnostics>iPod Scrobbling.

    11) Make sure the drop down menu is set to "I manually manage my iPod" *SEE NOTE BELOW* and then click on Scrobble iPod.

    12) Last.FM will then begin searching your iPod. Wait a minute, and way before it has finished you should get the list up on your screen to confirm your scrobbles. The search doesn't need to finish for this to happen, it usually takes about 50 - 60 seconds. It obviously just "triggers" something and persuades your iPod songs to scrobble. You can then just cancel the search.

    * even when you click on this, it sometimes resets when you restart the Last.FM client. If this is the case then next time you want to scrobble from iPod, you will need to repeat this list from step 7 downwards whenever you want your listens scrobbled).

    I hope all that made sense. Like I said I've wrote down exactly what I've done and do each time and it works for me.

    Best regards.

    I also have the "no scrobbles found" problem and no ipod device is found in the scrobbler .

    I've followed step 1) to 9) , after I connected ipod to pc , nothing showed up from the scrobbler . So I move to "Help>Diagnostics>iPod Scrobbling"----> set to "I manually manage my iPod" and it start to scrobbling. Now I gotta do this every time I need to update my ipod scrobbles, but it works. =Z

    • aliguana sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 dec 2009, 16:13
    gah - this happens almost every time I connect my iPod. So I clear user assocs, uninstall Last FM, reinstall Last FM, plug in the iPod (which it finds as an iPhone for some reason - it's a classic), then it says "will scrobble from now on" and finds maybe 5 out of the 100+ tracks I've listened to since last plugging in. But then next time I plug in I get "iPod library not found" again.

    This is ridiculous, it's happened ever since the Audioscrobber plugin for iTunes was replaced by the LastFM suite, and hasn't been fixed in years.

    On The Fiddle
  • still doesn't work :(

    OK.. so my problem is still not working. When I plug in my iPod, this iPod File Pops up not iTunes. I close it and I would have to manually open iTunes when I had already set it to open automatically when plugging in my iPod. would try and scrobble it and then it would say no library detected?? I did Help-->Diagnostics and then when I was looking at the results it would say no music scrobble. But that main problem is the fact that it said there is no library detected in my iPod because it scrobbles fine with iTunes being on. Help?? :(

  • I have same problem (ipod plays wont scrobble) but it says "failed to get itunes playlist" rather than "library not found". So what's the case?

  • Until I find a proper solution, I'm using this to scrobble.

  • where is the 'open itunes when ipod is connected' option in itunes?

  • i tried it and it said "no scrobbles found on ipod" but there's a whole weeks worth on there :(

    • SylNHK sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 dec 2009, 00:00
    I finally got mine to work with my Nano. I just updated to the latest version of iTunes and went to the app. Then I went ahead and went to Tools>Options...>iPod. I checked all 3 boxes and cleared the user associations. I plugged in my iPod and said it was ready for scrobbling. I didn't see any scrobbles pop up but that's because I'm guessing it will only scrobble anything until AFTER you plug it in. Make sure you have iTunes configured to pop up when your iPod is connected to your PC.

    So I went to work and listened to a bunch of music, got home, plugged in my iPod. still didn't want to read my scrobbles, so I went to Help>Diagnostics>iPod Scrobbling. There, I selected manual iPod management from the dropbox and clicked on Scrobble. I got a bunch of COM errors on the log, but I just hit cancel and waited a couple seconds. Then bam, picked up my scrobbles. Seems really ghetto to me, but it works.

    After a while, will say it's attempting to see if I have any new plays again, so maybe it does it automatically, but this second attempt takes a long while to appear.

  • yay its working, thanks so much for ur help! :)

  • Solved: for the patient and desperate

    this just worked for me:
    clear the user associations in as said above.

    -plug in your ipod
    -click music (under your ipod logo)
    -right click the top of one of the empty columns, ie: (song name, artist, album) to the far right. Make it so last played and play count are options
    -click last played so that the most recent stuff played on you IPOD is at the top.
    -play the first song at the top, then move your mouse to the 0:01 second mark and click it.
    -if you do it right the play count should go up.
    -keep your mouse over the 0:01 second point and keep doing it so that last second plays and your ipod considers it scrobbled.
    -do this until you get to the last song that wasnt scrobbled from your ipod.

    Note: since you altered the play count within your ipod, it will be like you listened to it. The date when you listened will be wrong, but the info will still be there, which is what i care most about.


    eject the ipod
    close itunes
    restart your comp

    I left my ipod plugged in, but if u want to take it out it prolly doesnt matter.

    Now when the comp starts up plug in the ipod, or if its already in wait for itunes to load up. should show up too.

    if it scrobbles what you just did automatically, problem solved.

    if not, open the box, go to options>diagnostics>click scrobble ipod.

    you may need to do it once with "itunes automatically scrobbles... or "i manually.."

    mine is a 160 gb ipod on windows and I did the manual setting, then clicked scrobble, and it picked up all the songs that I just went back and manually "played"

    Worked for me.

    Peace and good luck.

    "the idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing"
  • This just plain sucks,first i get the COM error,now im getting the "no libary found" ive done pratically everything,and have saved about 4 scrobbles outta about 400.
    What is it with the client recently??
    Ive changed my ipod to the newest Ipod Classic 160gb.Is that why im getting all the problems??

    • SylNHK sa...
    • Användare
    • 31 dec 2009, 03:16
    Well it's rather iffy. Since I last "fixed" it, it's worked great 2/3 times. Yesterday's scrobbles at work didn't get accounted for (only found 9 out of +30 that should have been from that night alone). It's just really, really screwy :l

  • The "No Libary" error

    Oh yes, I have just discovered that the error you get which is "iPod library not found" is due to a file on the iPod being deleted.

    I deleted everything on my iPod via "My Computer" because I needed a quick memory stick for a couple of big files I was moving between computers, I just selected all the folders and deleted them, and then deleted all the music in iTunes. The problem with this is that inside those folders on the iPod is a library file, delete that and you're screwed.

    Suspecting nothing, I then plugged iPod back into iTunes and put all my music back onto it. I then played some songs at work and they didn't scrobble, why not? Because the library file was deleted from when I deleted the folders via "My Computer".

    I fixed this by restoring the iPod to its factory settings (this puts all the folders back where they're meant to be, thus restoring the "library" file). Now everything works.


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