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Desktop app not working

    • hazylama sa...
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    • 22 maj 2012, 18:58

    Desktop app not working

    Desktop app not playing anything. It pulls up a song and tells me which record it thinks it's playing but nothing is playing.. The track time is frozen at the length of the track and is not changing. The same track may be "playing" the whole day if I don't shut down the app. It just shows the track info and nothing is happening.. Thought it was a a problem with my desktop app, uninstalled and re-installed - same problem, installed the new beta version - same problem.

    App on iPhone plays just fine. Pls, help.

    Thank you.

  • it is happening the same to me, i uninstalled the thing and nothing happens as you said. it's like froze even if i close the app and restart it. if i restart my computer, the app won't work, and it happens to me like every single day... specially with itunes.

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