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Media importing issue

  • Media importing issue

    Perhaps you can help me with a problem. i am trying to scrobble some tracks to that apparently aren't recognized by the site, but the play counts for them still show up in my Itunes library. So what I thought i'd do is wipe my listening history, and simply import my listening history to the site, and that would (hopefully) scrobble the unrecognized tracks. Problem is, I have 2 Itunes accounts, and it is importing the listening history from my previous one with all of my old stuff.

    How do I import the listening history from my active Itunes account? (any advice on how to do this that doesn't recquire deleting the old Itunes is preferable, but if there is no other way, then please say so)

    Just a yankee that doesn't cut wood
  • We can only read the import via one iTunes Music Library.xml file, located in C:\Users\*YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME HERE*\Music\iTunes. You'd need to find a way of merging iTunes libraries before importing.

    However, making sure your entire iTunes library is in the default folder should enable you to scrobble your entire library (which I believe is the initial problem?).

  • I've been doing some thinking lately, (i've been out of town for a couple days so I havn't actually had the chance to test my hypothesis) but could it be that perhaps my new stuff i'm trying to scrobble off my IPod, (which apparently is in sync with my other Itunes library) isn't on the one i'm using now? I'll be trying that tonight, and I might just end up getting rid of the old library anyway, but if that is the case, it's just a matter of "logging in" my current library with

    Just a yankee that doesn't cut wood
  • Nope, you were right the first time. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

    Just a yankee that doesn't cut wood
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