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500 Cached iTunes Songs

  • 500 Cached iTunes Songs

    I "just" realized today that the scrobbler hasn't been scrobbling my itunes for awhile. It shows the song I'm playing in the recently added tracked but doesn't record it to my profile. I've looked up solutions, that's how I found my 500 cached tracks. Most of them the past 2 weeks. Reconnecting doesn't work, it starts to say submitting 50 scrobbles but cancels. Changing password/restarting doesn't work. It scrobbles spotify and ipod but not itunes.

    I tried running the command prompt and it runs for three lines before the requests time out. is an exception to the firewall and no other anti-virus.

    Windows 7, most recent itunes, scrobbler says no updates available.

    I don't want to lose my 500 cached tracks.

    EDIT: Looking through my history it stopped scrobbling like 10 days ago I'd say, also I hooked up my iPod and it ended up "scrobbling" tracks I listened to on itunes today but adding it to the cache instead

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  • Great support here...800 cached songs

  • move on, get beta. it's what i had to do

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