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'popular tags' for most artist tracks have dissappeared

  • 'popular tags' for most artist tracks have dissappeared


    Please can you take a look at:

    All of the tracks did have 'popular tags' but now some don't have any at all - despite getting several tags from different listeners. They have just disappeared. When I looked last night none have them had popular tags, this morning some have returned.

    I don't seem to be getting many radio plays at the moment because of this.



    Scrobbling from 01/05/10
  • .....

    They have returned! Any ideas why they disappeared in the 1st place? Thanks.

    Scrobbling from 01/05/10
  • Same issue again today. is this normal?

    Scrobbling from 01/05/10
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    Redigerad av foreverautumn den 24 apr 2012, 09:15
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