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Which songs will get played on radio

  • Which songs will get played on radio

    I was wondering if it's possible to see which songs can get played on radio?
    The Faq says that songs without a play button are added by users, but these songs play on my library station as well as the ones with the play button, so I don't really understand whether or not there is a logic in this.

    I hope my question is a bit clear..


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  • More often than not, the songs that don't have play buttons were scrobbled by users via their mp3 players or computer media player (Winamp, iTunes, etc.).

    As far as I know, there might be a small handful of songs do not have a play button, but can be streamed on the radio: This mostly likely means that they are unavailable for a 30-second preview.

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    • 7 maj 2012, 19:01
    And there are some tracks which display the button but have never streamed for me

    And there are some tracks which sometimes do/don't have a button but whether or not they play isn't necessarily related.

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