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Playback blocked by UI loop freezes? (Mac OS X)

    • gblock sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 okt 2006, 13:15

    Playback blocked by UI loop freezes? (Mac OS X)

    Forgive me, but this might be FAQ, but...

    Play back a radio stream, go to the desktop, and pick up an icon. And hold it.

    Playback in will block until that has completed as soon as the buffer is voided. In all probability, I'm going to guess that network and audio processing is either happening on the main loop or isn't truly asynchronous from UI updates.

    Given that you have little or no control over what happens on people's desktops, or what (or how unfriendly) those other applications might be, you'll probably find that people are having extremely variable issues with quality - where it works brilliantly for some, not at all for others, and lots of people reporting stuttering or popping intermittently in their audio.

    I beg of you - split network retrieval and playback into its own thread, separate from the UI itself. That will immediately improve the situation for anyone running heavyweight UI apps that might also be ill-behaved with display update loops. UI shouldn't have such heavyweight, time-critical dependencies, and I've suddenly realized that most of the time the audio stutters it's actually being caused by this exact problem.

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