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Stop player launching with Itunes

  • Stop player launching with Itunes

    Apologies - I'm sure I already saw a thread on this subject the other day but I can't find it.

    How do you stop launching when you start Itunes?

  • You have to delete the plugin it installed somewhere in the iTunes installation folder if I'm not mistaking. Be aware your tracks wont get scrobbled anymore, if you delete the plugin.

    Want to listen to your playlists on Have a look at TagBar
  • If it is the Last.FM-client that is bothering you, but you still want to scrobble, you might consider using one of the (unsupported) old-style players

    Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had
  • Thanks

    I haven't used Last.Fm for a few months. I can't remember what scrobbler I used. It would only submit tracks if they were played for a certain period of time and would also grab the recently played list from my Ipod.

    The integrated version seems to submit songs instantly (?) which doesn't take into accout that I have a huge amount of junk in my Itunes that I skip over when shuffling.

    Besides that, I often launch Itunes just to update Podcasts and I don't really want launching and taking up resources.

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