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  • shows Artist but nothing else when song does exist

    I have a lot of B-side tracks. And to save having a huge list of albums, I give them all the album name "random". This isn't a problem for most of my songs. However, two or more DO show up as "now playing" but only show the artist.

    Very sorry if this has been posted before... I am terrible at knowing what to search for and I did have a quick browse at the "before you post" threads.


  • doesn't currently pay much attention to the album. As long as the artist and track are accurate it should submit correctly although the album it beings up may not be the one you have but whatever that track exists on in last's database.

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  • Right... the track and artist are accurate. In the app it says in song playing: "Garbage - ". It also shows the info for garbage, however, there is no track, album, tags or album art.

    Examples Candy Says and Sex Never Goes Out of Fashion they do exist... That is exactly how they are tagged so I really don't know.

    Thanks for your help. If anyone else has this problem or has had it would be good to hear from you

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