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iScrobbler OS X - Connection error

  • iScrobbler OS X - Connection error

    I checked my log file (~/Library/Logs/iScrobbler.log) and saw the following message:
    [Oct 09, 2006 18:55:49 -0400]-[INFO] Connection error: 'lost network connection'. Tracks in queue: 44.

    My network is fine... submitting to worked fine until a couple days ago... I'm using the internet right now to post this... I know there was a problem after a recent iTunes update? I updated iScrobbler then, everything's been fine. I checked iScrobbler's statistics, it pulled up the Top Fan and Similar artists fine. (I never knew it did that)

    Using iScrobbler 1.2.1, iTunes 7.01, and OS X 10.4.8...

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    How can I check my cached songs? One time I had a problem in Linux and removing the top item in my cache cleared it up.

  • I'm still getting this message... sometimes tracks do submit, but it seems that most of the time I get this error.

    Is iScrobbler broken?

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    • 15 okt 2006, 15:51
    im using iscrobbler also (test 2), but this isnt the correct forum. this is the forum for the client, not iscrobbler. try posting in the iscrobbler forum,

  • Fair enough =) I didn't realize there was an iScrobbler group.
    Anyone looking here for this error should follow up in my new post here

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